100 Case studies using ENART Technology

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Results with using ENART
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100 Case studies using ENART Technology

Alastair McLoughlin BTAA, LCSP (Hon.)
United Kingdom

This letter is to verify that I have used the ENART device number ENART 907-L2 for one year during 2009/10 and the attached file of 100 Case studies using ENART Technology is my work. I fully endorse ENART Technology as both a valuable and a viable method of physical therapy treatment.

Doctors and bodywork therapists – of whatever discipline – would benefit from using this technology in their practice. ENART is an extremely useful tool in physical therapy. It is also an excellent method of pain relief and useful in the assistance of restoring normal body function.

My patients have been very happy and satisfied with their treatment outcomes. The results also hold very well – follow up treatments are not common or necessary.

I cannot praise this technology enough.

 Low back pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Arthritis of lumbar spine, Possible gout/arthritis, Spondylitis of neck, Ruptured arm bicep tendon, Reduced movement of left shoulder, Wrist and thumb injury, Lymphoedema of legs + plantar fasciitis, Adhesive capsulitis of left shoulder, Hayfever + achilles tendon pain, Knee arthrosis and arthritis, Low back pain—L&R sacro-iliac joints, Knee pain, Hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), Axillary nerve pain radiating to thumb, R side sciatica and neck pain (C7), Low back, groin pain + L foot injury with hypersensitivity to leg, Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder + complications of ulna/radius, Arthritis of low back, knees and neck
Lateral ankle sprain, Knee pain 20 years +, Hayfever, Arthritis of neck, spine especially lumbar, Low back pain / sacro-iliac strain, Hayfever, Disc degeneration and arthritis of lumbar spine and knees, Lumbar disc compression and spasm of spinal musculature, Anterior-lateral neck pain, Left knee degeneration, Low back pain, hip bursitis, arthritis of elbow & wrist, Hayfever, Injury to thoracic/erector spinae muscles & L shoulder, Achilles tendonitis, Compound fracture of wrist, Oedema and poor supination/flexion, Sacro-iliac pain, Lumbar-sacral pain, Shoulder injury - very restricted movement and associated pain, Low back pain including sciatica 
Oedema and pain of left ankle and knee, Neck stiffness and pain in trapezius, Costal pain, posterior shoulder & trapezius pain, Wrist and thumb pain, Low back and hip pain, Severe neck pain/restriction with referred pain into arm, Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis), Knee and neck injury, Plantar fasciitis, Pain in left and right shoulders, Pain on both ankles and feet after falling, Hayfever, Pain in neck and shoulder, Low back pain around sacro-iliac joints, Hayfever/sinuses, Left side sciatica, Sinus congestion, Lateral shoulder pain and sinus congestion, Posterior shoulder pain - referred into arm and hand 
Post operative oedema/stiffness of knee joint, Neck and shoulder pain, Knee injury - medial ligament strain, Hayfever, Low back pain and neck stiffness, Sciatica, sacral and coccyx pain, Posterior shoulder pain, Pain and restricted movement in shoulder, Pain around kidney area, Plantar fasciitis, Elbow pain, Ankle pain due to ankle fracture 4 years ago, Shoulder injury - pain in thoracic and cervical areas, Rheumatoid arthritis-pain in wrists/hands/neck/shoulders/back, Pain around 12th rib and T12 area - unknown cause, Pain around lumbar, sacrum and iliac crest of pelvis, Sciatica, Achilles tendonitis, Severe low back pain for 20 years and referred pain in knees, Lateral foot pain - unknown origin

Severe pain and degeneration of right knee + low back pain, Pain inferior/lateral of L knee - ligament damage, Left hamstring tear, Injury to chest and lumbar spine, Elbow/bicep problem - sports related injury (tennis), Neck and shoulder pain - sports related injury (rugby), Mid thoracic pain - work related (Pilates instructor), Back injury - L&R sacro-iliac, Knee pain, Plantar fasciitis, Knee pain, Later and medial epicondylitis of left elbow, Medial ankle pain due to foot pronation, Neck, back and shoulder pain - for 20 years, Oedema & tightness following knee joint replacement surgery, Stiff and restricted movement of both ankles, Pain and restricted movement of head/neck, Ligament strain of left knee, Discomfort around lateral malleolus of L ankle (running injury), Right sacro-iliac pain, sciatica and right elbow pain




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