Back pain - pain relief in 5 minutes

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May 4, 2017

We have received a large number of e-mails.

Back is a sore spot for the majority of you - this follows from your e-mails and comments.

And now, answer a simple question: how often your body speaks to you,
indicating weak points: pain, bad mood, spasms …

And how you behave in response to this communication?

The pain is a communication tool and it is not too late, but it's a time not to suppress pain
and not to “close your body's mouth”, but to listen and understand why and what it need from you.

Scenar, Cosmodic, Denas, ENART - speak the same language to your body – by using nerve impulses.

They will teach and advise where and how much attention your body needs, it will suggest and
help to eliminate the cause.

Back pain - pain relief in 5 minutes

Magic? There is no magic, only experience and proven actions.

We will tell you in a new video how to properly use the device for getting rid of the back pain.

Watch the video How to get rid of back pain in 5 minutes?

Always yours,
Sergiy Solomko
Customer Support Team


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