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November 30, 2007

We don’t feel like going into debates about technological differences between Scenar, Prologue and Cosmodic devices. The thing here is that the manufacturers, or rather the patent holders, keep their know-how a top secret, and one can theorize on this for as much as one likes. Let’s leave this to philosophers and psychologists of biofeedback therapy.

However, it should be remembered that every ideology has its materialistic background. By this, we mean that Dr. Irena, being an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of Cosmodic devices throughout the entire North American territory – and this includes the USA and Canada, can not at all be an independent expert in this field, as such sales contracts usually involve big money.

Any words in favour of some devices or any attempts to hastily diminish other devices are being demolished by such an iron-cast argument as the greatest number of clinical test reports available in support of Prologue 02 device. This machine has been recognized by OFFICIAL MEDICINE (rather than by just some well-to-do doctors) AS A POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST A WIDE RANGE OF SERIOUS DISEASES (rather than a mere pain relieving device). And this is dearer than money!

You are to know that biofeedback works with all three devices: Scenar, Prologue, ENART and Cosmodic.
The Prologue 02 is an incredibly effective device which still could be improved if furnished with an LCD display, what was done with the ENART 801.

We would like to note, that publication of unproven or inaccurate information on competitors' products is an act of unfair competition that negatively reflects upon the authors of such information in the first place.


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