Your Scenar and ENART devices as alternative for surgery

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Your Scenar and ENART devices as alternative for surgery

Your Scenar, ENART or Denas is Alternative for surgery

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Urgent help with renal colic


90% of us have stones in the kidneys (it even affects children!) and if one day these stones move in the renal duct it means urgent surgery.

To avoid surgery you can use your Scenar or ENART device.

Author’s methods on treatment of urgent help for kidney stones, by a doctor with twenty-year experience, will help you remove them.

Expert in biofeedback - Igor Linsky will explain to you, but not only explain – he will show you HOW.

Scenar and ENART for pain of renal colic. RRR Training - practice.

Put this video in your Favourites’ and in an emergency it may save your nerves, time and money.

Just play it and do what the doctor does!

You have ENART, Scenar, Cosmodic or Denas devices but you still suffer from health problems?

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