Tips about Scenar and ENART treatment

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Your questions – our videos!
Tips about Scenar and ENART treatment

New video of RRR (Real Doctor with Real patient on Real session) series with answers to your questions and tips on pain relief and kidney stones removal.

Stones in the kidney

You will know:

How long does it take with Scenar or ENART to a complete recovery - removal or dissolution of kidney stones?

Do you need to take any drugs in the course of Scenar or ENART treatment?

In case you have renal colic but you have no Scenar
or ENART on your hand, just take hot bath and if your kidney stone is small it goes out itself.

and many others

By pain level a renal colic cannot be compared even with a toothache. If you have ever suffered from it you know this very well.

 Any kind of kidney stones surgery cannot guarantee 100% success, and in some cases provokes the formation of new ones.

 Experience was gained from 40 treated patients - there was improvement with all of them – from pain abating up to dissolution and complete removal of stones.

Play and see

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