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Devices for Home Use
  ENART 907
  ENART 907  

Enart 907 is an advanced device for personal (family) use.

While satisfying a major requirement of a personal device, ie. its user friendliness, ENART 907 is also designed with the basic features of a professional instrument including automatic diagnostics and manually selected modes of treatment that are effective for managing a wide range of health problems.

The device will automatically evaluate each skin contact and instantly identify what to do next: either remain at a point for treatment or move to another point of skin contact. The healing process will become sheer pleasure as the device readily indicates a straight answer of where and how long to treat each and every skin contact.

By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively treat the whole range of diseases/injuries with only one device.

Size: 143x63/43x30/24 mm
Weight: 130 grams

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  Scenar Let Medical PS701
  Scenar Let Medical PS701  

Compact rectangular instruments, designed for permanent carrying in the pocket.
The devices are furnished with dual electrode system that allows convenient treatment of any part of the body.

- Individual-specific dosing according to biofeedback from the body;
- Continuous stimulation.

Frequency of the output pulse: 125Hz (Double pulse).

Overall dimensions, in mm: 88x46x18.
Weight, in grams - 75.

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