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Devices for Professional Use
  ENART 911
  ENART 911  

The only biofeedback device in the world which allows the housewife's to treat as professionals, and the professionals - to raise a new altitude in medicine.

Great advantage of the ENART 911 is that it can read out biofeedback responses from the body and display them in digital form on LCD screen - not only when the device is kept stationary on the body, but also while it is drawn over the skin surface, so you can find the pathological area quickly and accurately!

This feature brings the opportunity to gain unique healing results, both in time and in efficacy.
ENART 911 features wide range of functions; this range runs from a simple to use (automatic) setting to a more complex (adjustable), so you may choose the most suitable depending on your qualifications, situation or condition that you treat.
Such important features make it possible to effectively and successfully use this high-end device both by novice and experienced ENART, Scenar and Prologue users and doctors.

- ENART 911 is set to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude;
- 6 (in level L1) or 17 (in level L2) stimulation modes;
- Adjustable settings of modes of treatment that are effective for managing a wide range of health problems;
- Sensitivity adjustment of the device accordingly to each particular case;
- Saving programs of influence created by user.
The device can be connected to all additional remote electrodes.

143 x 63/43 x 30/24 mm.
Weight: 175 grams

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  ENART 801-V5
  ENART 801-V5  
Has four basic stimulation modes.

Furnished with:
 - LCD display – displays stimulation modes, settings and measurement results;
 - Backlight – allows treatment at poor illumination;
 - Low battery indication – automatically switches the device off when batteries are too low;
 - Stopwatch – counts the time of treatment at each particular skin contact;
 - Timer – adjustable time of treatment: Max 5.0 min, Min 0.5 min with; it has the OFF option available.
 - Metal casing – makes the device robust and more reliable;
 - Leather holster – stores and carries the device.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 198x55x45.
Weight, in grams - 360.
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  Scenar Professional Ritm
  Scenar Professional RITM   It has a digital display to measure and indicate analysis and results of treatment. Main operation modes:
- Continuous (duration of treatment on each skin area and of session as a whole is decided by user);
- Individually dosed (duration of treatment is regulated by the device automatically).

There are sub-modes of frequency and amplitude modulation provided as well as five sub-modes altering the shape of the treatment pulses (damping). A whole series of new performance capabilities have been implemented with ScenarProf devices.

They are:
- Pictorial representation of the body's response parameters in the form of histograms;
- Graphic display of screening examination results with mnemonic fixation of displays relevant to the area under examination;
- Built-in nonvolatile memory that provides a record of up to five versions of device tuning and easy setting of any of them, without following standard preparation for work procedure;
- Backlighting feature provides convenient reading of information.

A new design of battery compartment has been implemented. It provides use of a more powerful energy source, namely three AA type cells.

They can be connected to additional remote electrodes, excepting the roller type electrode. Stop-watch also included with independent control.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 185x62x32.
Weight, in grams - not more than - 400.
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- Automatic regulation of the output pulse according to electromagnetic feedback from patient;
- Fixed or variable frequency;
- Continuous or interval treatment;
- Constant and variable amplitude of the rectangular and oscillatory waves;
- Changeable ratio of rectangular and variable waves;
- Wide range of frequencies;
- Built-in timer;
- It features a metallic casing.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 198x55x45.
Weight, in grams - 360.

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