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Laser Vision Glasses
  Laser Vision glasses
  Laser Vision glasses Ц pinhole glasses   Exceptional therapeutic effect of Laser Vision glasses has been proven by various clinical tests conducted in the leading medical institutions of many countries. Most patients reported no further deterioration of their vision, many experienced a considerable improvement.Laser Vision glasses are recommended for myopia (shortsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), astigmatism, strabismus (squint), retinal degeneration, neurotic reactions, photophobia, eyestrain, tired eyes, disturbance of the chromatic sensitivity and image visibility. They slow down cataract and glaucoma (in the early stages) and control the eyeball's movements while the retinas exfoliate.Every family needs Laser Vision, even if no one wears regular glasses or contact lenses. Because Laser Vision train eye muscles, they will help you keep your vision good.
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