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      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

 ENART 907 is ideal for the beginners as instructions are simple and the Device is quite user-friendly making it easy to operate.

Even if you had worked with ENART devices earlier, your familiarity with ENART will become a real discovery for you, namely: how simple in handling a medical device can be and how soon recovery may come.

ENART 907 is a real working horse, which, by many clients’ testimonies, covers its cost during a few first months. Just a little time ago before the ENART 907 was released, when treating by biofeedback devices, one needed from 8 to 10 procedures, and even to carry out several courses of treatment, but now it is sufficient to perform just a few procedures.

Device ENART 907 is produced in three levels – level 0 (L0), level 1 (L1) and level 2 (L2).


For personal and family usage ENART 907-L0 device is highly recommended.

The device has four basic modes of treatment without the possibility of adjustment of the output pulse parameters:

- Diagnost 1 – Diagnostic (Individually dosed) mode;
- Constant 1 – Constant mode (continuous stimulation);
- Interval – Interval mode (discontinuous stimulation);
- FMVar – Variable frequency.
Applies 60Hz operating frequency.


Advantage of 907 is that if you are not a professional user or a practitioner with a scant budget, then you can buy ENART 907-L0 Home device – the simplest and cheap model. In future you can purchase a set of additional functions and instead of ENART 907-L0 Home device you will get ENART 907-L1 - a Semi-professional model or even ENART 907-L2 - Professional model (upgrade is sent by e-mail while your device will remain in your hands).

The device model ENART 907-L1 is a semi-professional model, it has 8 modes with the means for adjustment of the output pulse parameters including the parameter of the First-Phase Pulse Amplitude.

ENART 907-L1 biofeedback device is adaptable to both individual/family and professional use.

Device 907-L1 has 8 modes with the possibility of adjustment of the output pulse parameters.
- Diagnost 1 – Diagnostic / Individually Dosed Stimulation mode on 60 Hz frequency;
- Constant 1 – General Purpose Continuous Stimulation mode;
- Interval – Interval (Intermittent) Stimulation mode;
- FmVar – Variable Highest Dynamics Stimulation mode (frequency varies within the range of 20Hz – 200Hz);
- EN - General Purpose Stimulation Mode with the automatically variable amplitude of the first phase according to the biofeedback from the body (non-adjustable)
- SC - Specific Purpose Stimulation Mode for treating a wide range of conditions, both chronic and acute, for injured organs and traumas (non-adjustable)
- CS - Specific Purpose Stimulation Mode for treating CNS conditions, in cosmetology, for the treatment of diseases of peripheral nervous system and to treat zones on upper and lower limbs (non-adjustable)
- SM - Specific Purpose Stimulation Mode for treating musculo-skeletal disorders (non-adjustable)
• Has eight (8) operating frequencies: 16, 30, 60, 100, 160, 230, 290 and 350Hz;

• Provides express analysis of the treatment area;

• Applies minimum energy level to use on supersensitive areas (tongue, genitals) and in pediatrics;

• Alters Intens (number of peaks in the pulse waveform) from 1 to 8 and Z (distance between peaks in the pulse waveform) from 10 to 80 units.


Device ENART 907 level 2 (907-L2) is a professional model, it has 16 modes with the possibility of adjustment of parameters of the output pulse.

Today in all existing devices with the biofeedback the first-phase rectangular pulse amplitude remains unchanged, while the second-phase oscillating pulse amplitude varies in accordance with the body’s response to the influence of the device.

Many practitioners who use several different models of ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices have noticed that each particular model is most effective for different specific conditions.

For instance, some devices are more efficient in treating musculoskeletal disorders while others are best used for internal organs; still others are more effective for treating diseases of the nervous system, etc.

The latest studies have shown that these specific healing effects are more dependent on the level of the first-phase pulse amplitude.

Each particular device model features its own specific level of the first-phase pulse amplitude, which ranges in value from 10V for some early models to 70V in some of the latest models.

Until now this level has always been a strictly specific factory setting that could not be adjusted by the practitioner.

Now, for the first time, with the ENART 907 device (levels L1 and L2), the practitioner can adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude within the range of 25V to 80V.

By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively treat the whole range of diseases/injuries with only one device.

The customer/practitioner will now only have to buy one device to treat the whole range of diseases rather than having to buy different devices in order to treat different specific diseases.

Basic Specifications

• Furnished with all features of a professional device; easily adaptable to a simplified model for personal/family use and v.v.;

• Provides express analysis of the treatment area;

• Applies minimum energy level to use on supersensitive areas (tongue, genitals) and on children;

AMVar new mode allows to set deviation of amplitude of the first phase of impulse in a necessary range, that is not present in any of similar devices.

• ENART 907-L2 has the potential to decrease the power consumption and to increase the service life period of power batteries (ECONOM).

• ENART 907-L2 has the capability to adjust Sensitivity of the device (SENS).

Function SENS (sensitivity) ensures the possibility to use the device on people with any type of skin, as well as on any parts of the body, whereas before at times it was impossible. For instance, sometimes it is difficult for the device to track contact (on very dry or coarse skin), which makes work on such parts IMPOSSIBLE. In some cases in order to establish contact the user has to press the device very hard against the skin. Or sometimes when applying the device onto a specific skin or very moist skin, the device tracks the contact with the skin even without touching it (in some distance away from it). Now this problem is solved by means of adjustment of the parameter “SENSITIVITY”, which makes action of the device adequate in each particular case, substantially broadens capabilities of the practitioner as well as facilitates the practitioner’s labor.

The ENART 907 is the latest scientific engineering advance in providing our customers with the most individualized yet comprehensive healing devices.

 ENART 907 has option of connecting additional remote electrodes (probes) which enhance the capabilities of the Device and assist in treating areas that are difficult to access.

The difference between the three levels of the model ENART 907 is as follows:

Stimulation modes - table є1

Technical Data - table є2

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