Prologue-02 device for professional use

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Prologue-02 Device for professional use   Prologue-02
General Information
Clinical Reports
Scope of Usage
      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

- biofeedback device for professional and family use with display.

Prologue 02 can be used everywhere: in the home, the clinic or the hospital.

• Automatic regulation of the output pulse according to electromagnetic feedback from patient;
• Highly physiological therapy: patient usually feels immediate physical improvement;
• Complete mode indication system;
• Fixed or Variable frequency;
• Continuous or Discontinuous (Interval) stimulation;
• Double dosing (Dose 1/Dose and Dose 2/Zero);
• Individual-specific dosing that works with Continuous or Discontinuous stimulation
  and Variable frequency;
• Changeable ratio of rectangular and variable waves;
• Wide range of frequencies;
• Built-in stopwatch and timer;
• Original, easy-to-use electrode design;
• Can be connected to additional remote electrodes;
• Powered by standard replaceable or rechargeable batteries;
• Simple to clean and disinfect;
• It features a metallic casing.

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