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Prologue - General information

Prologue therapeutic effects are based on direct activation of the body's immune system with automatically adjusted pulses from the device as the body responds.

Acting through the skin, the Prologue generated electric pulses of complex and variable waveform activate the body`s innate healing response and help eliminate disease or malfunction.

This device takes a reading similar to a Meridian Stress Assessment Test. Probes applied to acupuncture points on the skin supply immediate feedback about which areas of the body may be diseased or low in energy. Prologue delivers safe electrical pulses that correct these imbalances, which helps the body to heal and restores energy.

This balancing effect of Prologue devices has a number of effects, including neuro-physiological, neuro-chemical, and emotional benefits.

A treatment with Prologue will:
  • Reduce and eliminate pain;
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation;
  • Improve condition of circulatory system, including blood vessels;
  • Stimulate metabolism and immune system;
  • Improve waste elimination;
  • Improve sleep patterns;
  • Regulate appetite;
  • Improve and stabilize mood;
  • Enhance the action of natural treatments, especially homeopathic remedies.

Prologue is effective for both acute and chronic conditions.

Prologue benefits:
  • Allow to use different configurations of the additional probes (rolling, too) without efficacy losses;
  • Allow to use different ointments and liniments to inrease the treatment efficacy;
  • The Prologue user may easily operate in any zone of his/her body;
  • Are shock-proof and reliable;
  • Have an optimal price/quality ratio.

Prologue devices have been successfully used in many professional settings, including:

  • The Russian Federation Presidential Affairs Medical Centre.
  • The Central Clinical Hospital (Moscow).
  • The Belorussian Presidential Affairs Sanatorium "Belorussia" (Sochi).
  • The N.N. Burdenko Principal Military Clinical Hospital (Moscow).
  • The A.A. Vishnyevsky Third Military Clinical Hospital (Moscow).
  • The Central Military Clinical Sanatorium "Archangelskoye" (Moscow).
  • The Russian Children`s Cerebral Palsy Centre (Moscow).
  • The Clinic of the Scientific Research Institute for Industrial and Marine Medicine (St. Petersburg).
  • The football club "Dynamo" (Minsk).

Because the Prologue devices are easy to operate and have such an excellent record for efficacy in treating a wide variety of conditions, they are very popular for State, clinical, and private use.

The ENART devices Prologue are certified and approved by the Health Ministries of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.


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