Acupuncture with Scenar, Cosmodic, ENART: pain relief without pain

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Acupuncture with ENART: pain relief without pain

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Acupuncture with ENART: pain relief without pain
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Scenar, Cosmodic, ENART: Masters of Chinese medicine

Scenar, ENART - Masters of Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient of therapies and due to the many inadequacies of the modern medicine, it is nowadays enjoying a resurrection. More and more specialists and enthusiasts have been starting to work in this trending field of healing. This is why I have decided to share my experience and ideas with practitioners and enthusiasts who use or want to use this treatment method, to help themselves, close relatives and friends for pain relief.

To improve the method and results of treatment, I use electro-pulse biofeedback devices Scenar, Cosmodic and ENART.

The techniques of treatment used in Chineese medicine and acupuntcture are various and numerous, but what has remained unchanged for thousands years is the principle: action upon specific reflex zones and active points on human body.
For these purposes needles, acupressure (pressing with fingers and specific blunt instrument), cold, heat, magnetic field, electrical current, plants’ seed and even bees can be used. As you may have already noticed, not all the instruments used in acupuncture are easy to use, painless or safe for the patient. Many of them involve injury of the skin.

And now, I will show 5 main factors how can you use your biofeedback Scenar, Cosmodic, ENART devices to master this practice easily.


ENART, Cosmodic and Scenar biofeedback devices are used to act upon the skin surface, they generate the specific electrical pulses which naturally go to acupuncture points and do not damage skin surface.

Treatment with such devices is highly efficient, it is absolutely non-invasive (without any damage) which permits the avoidance of pain, bleeding, uncomfortable feelings, and side and adverse effects. Due to this, the biofeedback devices have even more benefits as compared to the majority of techniques used in acupuncture.


One of the essential conditions to get a positive effect in acupuncture is to observe the accuracy of treatment. Those who deal with acupuncture know that the acupuncture points on the skin may be located differently from those specified in the atlas, and in some cases they too can differ in place significantly.

The algorithm of operation of the biofeedback devices with LCD is as follows:
In each skin contact the device measures and displays the value of an initial response.

The user analyzes these values and decides if he/she should act upon the area most appropriate for treatment.

From the whole family of biofeedback devices ENART 900 series are outstanding; they inform the user of the responses on their own – they give a signal exactly where one needs to treat.

An essential part in reflexotherapy is the length of treatment: in some acupuncture points one can observe the excess of energy, in others vice versa; the lack of energy. This ratio alters during any particular day and depends on many reasons. It is not easy to determine the duration of an optimal treatment, but an insufficient treatment may not produce an expected effect, while an excessive one can even do harm.

When I use ENART 911 or ENART 907 (I work exactly with these models in most cases), this problem does not occur.
The devices constantly monitor the characteristics of the treated area and give me a signal when I need to finish treatment. One doesn’t need to have supernatural abilities or long training courses – each user can easily work with the devices.


Adaptation. At resorts, in adaptation to climate conditions or temporary inconveniences, this property is rather useful; but when undergoing treatment it becomes an obstacle to one’s recovery.

A great issue in medicine both conventional and alternative is the property of human body to adapt to constant stimulation regardless how intensive they are.

No habituation occurs to the biofeedback devices, as the device is constantly changing its generated pulses, correcting the treatment process depending on body response.

The devices constantly change the parameters of pulses, maximally approaching to human nervous pulses by their characteristics.

Exactly for this reason, while restoring functioning and balancing a diseased organ, the biofeedback devices do not cause any changes to normally functioning sound organs.


Many acupuncturists with their records of acupuncture service (especially those who did their training courses in the East) noticed that the methods which are applied in China turned out not to be so efficient when they had returned home.

 This particularly applies to acupuncture. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon.

One of them is the difference in meals and peculiarities of metabolism in the residents of China, Japan and Vietnam from Europeans and Americans.

Europeans and Americans, for instance, eat a lot of yeast bread, which makes a negative influence on work of intestine.
Therefore, acupuncture methods have different effect on them.

Besides, the major factor is the ratio of red (slow) to white (rapid) muscles. Those of Asian origin have mostly red muscles, whilst those of Europeans ethnicity – white.

And, really, if one would give a task to the European man to work in a rice field, they won’t keep working for a long time, and the Chinese would manage to do easily this monotonous work for many hours.
This peculiarity manifests itself when inserting needles into the skin, since in different muscles the electrolysis goes in particular way.

That is why we do not get the same effects that we can obtain in the China which is the Native place of origin of Reflexology.

Since the time I started to use ENART devices, this problem did not occur,
since the biofeedback devices adjusted their pulses according to each particular case and corrected their action depending on body response.


As I have had the sufficient experience in this area, I would like to advise medical practitioners who deal with reflexotherapy to include the biofeedback electro-pulse devices to their practice without any hesitations. This will allow you to acquire new, more advanced level of treatment of various diseases and to manage even in the most complicated cases.

And if you are enthusiasts of natural healing, biofeedback devices will help you to help yourself, your friends and relatives, because they are very easy to use. With this brilliant technology you will easily master Chinees medicine, but not only.

One more way to use Scenar, Enart, Cosmodic in oriental practices for chakras opening you will know from my special video on YouTube. There you will find simple method how you can get chakras activation with your device in 5 minutes.




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