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Scenar Training

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Scenar Training | Enart treatment protocols 

The collection of educational materials “ENART-Tutorial” is provided free of charge in electronic form along with each Scenar / Enart device bought in CCC INVET and informs of different techniques of usage of the devices and allows to massively broaden skills and experience.

No courses or another training aids can give you as much in-depth knowledge in Scenar and ENART therapy as INVET`s "ENART-Tutorial" can.

Scenar training | The "ENART-Tutorial" BENEFITS:
- Offers 12 Methodical instructions (Parts), from simple to most complex;
- Can be used step-by-step to master your knowledge of Scenar, Enart and Prologue;
- Does not limit you in time and place as it can be used anytime, anywhere and as long as you like.

In the "ENART-Tutorial" you will also find information on:
- General recommendations on usage Scenar, Enart devices including rules, modes, and basic methods of treatment;
- Indications and contraindications in Enart / Scenar therapy;
- Compatibility Scenar/Enart therapy with other kinds of treatment;
- Time of action and course of treatment;
- Advice regarding choosing the areas to act upon and time of treatment for Scenar and ENART, as well as many other useful recommendations and tips;
- Different Scenar/ENART treatment protocols or techniques for various disorders, first aid and cosmetology (for cosmetic purposes).

This collection of educational materials is both helpful for professionals and highly recommended for beginners.

"ENART-Tutorial" Contents

PART ONE: Basic Scenar/ENART treatment instructions for laymen (LEVEL ONE course).
PART TWO: Scenar and ENART treatment basics, developed by the Consultative & Commercial Centre INVET.
PART THREE: ENART and Scenar treatment protocols for various disorders.
PART FOUR: Training course for using ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices, in more detail.
PART FIVE: ENART and Scenar treatment protocols for a variety of conditions, developed by the Chair of Physiotherapy of the State Medical Refresher Institute of the Republic of Belarus.
PART SIX: Using Enart and Scenar LED display numerical readout of diagnostic and treatment modes.
PART SEVEN: ENART technique for cosmetic treatment.
PART EIGHT: Instructions on SCENAR therapy, approved by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.
PART NINE: Methods of working with the devices with the numerical indications on the display (LEVEL TWO course).
PART TEN: Practical application guide for ENART, Scenar, Prologue devices.
PART ELEVEN: Drugless cure.
PART TWELVE: Methodical recommendations of the Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (Healing or Medical Blanket).

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