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Scenar, Prologue, Enart – for practitioners and for home use

SCENAR, Prologue, ENART and other natural health production
Natural healing and pain relief from Russia and Ukraine

SCENAR therapy becomes well known trend in the medicine and self-healing nowadays. CCC INVET has been successfully dealing on the market of natural health products and pain relief with ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices, Laser Vision glasses and Medical blankets over 25 years.
We work only with the products whose high efficiency, quality and reliability have been proven for years, and time is their most competent judge. Throughout our company’s lifetime, we not only do export the top line of topical natural health products of highest quality, but also our customers tell us that we provide truly personalized customer service that is so appreciated and hard to find.

SCENAR, Prologue, ENART - original biofeedback devices
Приборы для снятия боли, оказания первой помощи, а также для общего медицинского пользования
These are simple yet powerful devices ideal for pain relief, first aid, and general health care.
It is not surprising that for many people the name 'Scenar' has become synonymous with biofeedback devices in general. Let us advise you that Scenar is not the only biofeedback device on the market.
Some devices are poor imitations of the original technology, whilst others have developed and improved upon the original design both in technological features and user friendliness.
INVET presents only authentic pieces of biofeedback equipment. SCENAR, Prologue, ENART - the whole range of original biofeedback devices with training, support, guarantee.

Laser Vision Glasses or pinhole glasses
Очки, которые сохранят зрение всей семье
Laser Vision glasses are glasses that improve and even restore your vision!
Clinical tests showed that using Laser Vision for 30 minutes a day improves both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. It can also correct mild-to-medium astigmatism (up to 5 dioptres). Even if you don't need glasses now, ophthalmologists suggest you use Laser Vision to improve and maintain good eyesight throughout your life. Protect your family's vision in just half an hour per day

  Medical Blanket (Healing Blanket)
Одеяло - для лечения и профилактики функциональных и органических заболеваний
The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (Medical Blanket or Healing Blanket) is a state-of-the-art alternative therapy. It is used to activate the internal energy of the body, either as an independent therapeutic device or in combination with other treatments - especially with biofeedback devices - to strengthen their healing effect. It offers a holistic approach for many conditions, both chronic and acute.



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