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A Doctor's Experience with Prologue

N 51 (99) Family doctor, 21 December 2000, Ukraine

     Being a reanimator-anaesthesiologist (and that means being a skeptic by nature), I began by testing the device on the members of my family, treating them for common flu. To my surprise, within two days everyone was fine, no sneezing and coughing. And my mother, age 75, went out shopping the same day!
     "Well, it must not have been flu," I said to myself, although I knew that a virulent and serious flu was keeping people in bed for weeks.
     I had another chance to try the device after a couple of weeks. My husband was going out to walk the dog and, going downstairs, tripped on the leash. He fell straight down several steps. He couldn't even get up, much less walk a few steps. The knee joint was swollen and painful to touch. I tried an elastic support and a good dose of analgesic, with no results. He couldn't get to sleep for the pain, so in the middle of the night I got out the Prologue. I had read some clinical reports on just such injuries from the hospital of the Russian president, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

     Just as with the flu, my husband's injury improved miraculously. In less than an hour my worn-out husband was sleeping like a log. I used the Prologue twice the next day and noticed that the swelling had reduced dramatically. After one more day with a couple of treatments, my husband and our dog were out strolling as usual.

     It takes a lot to convince a doctor, so they say. I still wondered if I was looking at the placebo effect, though I must admit that the healing of my husband's knee was pretty convincing.

     The next evening, our new neighbor, a Korean, dropped in to ask if I had anything for toothache. His wife had been suffering dreadfully with a bad toothache. Unfortunately, I didn't have a thing there at home. I decided to see if I could help somehow. I grabbed our Prologue and went to visit the neighbor. After listening to her case, I realized she had a trigeminus neuralgia! The poor woman sat rocking from side to side, tears rolling down her face.

     After just a few moments of applying Prologue, the toothache disappeared for good. Their little five-year-old son, seeing that his mother wasn't crying anymore, smiled, walked up, stroked the Prologue with his palm and said, "It's little, but strong and victorious over mother's toothache!

     Physicians, as no one else, are familiar with the law of casual twoness. It goes like this: as soon you get one patient with a particular condition, for sure soon there will be another one with the exact same diagnosis. Sure enough, not a day passed until I received a call from a friend suffering from intolerable neuralgic pain caused by trigeminus neuritis. I used the Prologue with her with the same swift and positive results.

     The next day I used the Prologue on a patient with a large shoulder abscess. Instead of having to drain the abscess, I watched it dissolve completely in a very short time.

     On the way to my afternoon shift, I ran across a man with severe nephritic colic spasms, waiting for an ambulance. A few minutes with the Prologue relieved his pain immediately. And after that followed a rash of patient needs that responded quickly to Prologue: car accidents where the device immediately relieved pain and shock; child tonsillitis completely cured in two days; severe menstrual pain and other gynecological disorders in various patients; elderly patients with heavy lung inflammation - it didn't matter what the ailment was, the Prologue took care of it.

     Ever since then I have carried my Prologue wherever I go, my skepticism completely gone. And on Saturdays we are treated to a Korean gourmet feast next door.
M. Voronova

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