Results with using ENART

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Results with using ENART

  ENART 911
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ENART Therapy
Acupuncture with ENART: pain relief without pain
Results with using ENART
ENART 900 series devices
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      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use


ENART was primarily introduced to assist clients requiring pain relief.

100 Case studies using ENART Technology
My patients have been very happy and satisfied with their treatment outcomes.
The results also hold very well – follow up treatments are not common or necessary.

Some results from the use of the ENART (energo-neuro-adaptive-receptor Therapy)
An acute problem: Success with just one treatment.

 Results with the using ENART 907 in а complex therapy of urolithiasis
In this article I would like to share my own results and observations on the given issue.
Urolithiasis takes the second place among the disease of kidneys after pyelonephritis.

Long-term Healing Results in ENART Therapy
After ENART treatment all the metabolic processes in the body would be restored.
The organs will resume their normal bodily functions, this means that the cause rather than symptom,
of the disease has disappeared.

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