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ENART Therapy

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ENART Therapy
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I am using the device every day in my clinic - collecting information and gaining understanding on how best to apply the device. Also I am beginning to get a sense of when the patient has had enough treatment - when the body has started to respond and the initiation of changes in the body are occurring. I did not expect this to happen but I am developing an empathy with the ENART, a kind of unification of mind and machine as we are working together. Very exciting.
Alastair McLoughlin, Healthcare Practitioner, UK

How it works

The ENART devices are non-invasive regulators of body functions.

They create ideal conditions for the body to heal itself, using its own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides.

This allows the body to choose the most appropriate chemical combination for each particular condition.

ENART devices also have dynamically changing signals, so when they are applied directly to skin, they achieve a "dialogue" (through biofeedback) between the body and the device.

The signals operate mainly throughout the thin neuron C fibres that are distributed through 70% of the body, as well as working through the energy meridian system.

Each signal from the device helps regulate the body's functions and is controlled by the body through the biofeedback loop.

No two consecutive signals from the device are ever the same.

This allows the treatment to be truly dynamic, adjusting for the state of the body at different times and as the person’s condition changes.

ENART - some theory

During the first days in the life of a fetus, the cells differentiate into what later become bones, muscles, internal organs, and so on. Only one type of cell generates skin and nervous tissue.

Our skin is the one organ in constant contact with our outside environment. It plays a great role in maintaining our health. Skin contains nerve fibers and their endings, blood vessels, sebaceous glands, and so on.

It is actually a vast receptor field with over four million receptors, a complex, sensitive system.

The skin is incredibly important to the health of the entire system, especially considering the variety and sometimes the extremity of environmental factors we encounter. The skin is our first defense.

At the same time, localized areas on our skin are sensitive points for activating the immune response and stimulating regeneration of the whole body. How fast and how well this works depends on the individual capabilities of each particular patient.

Throughout the world, it is well accepted that health depends on the body's ability to maintain balance (also known as homeodynamism). The skin is of great significance here.

We know that the brain controls all the organs and tissues by means of electrical impulses. It follows that we can treat the body - including internal organs and the nervous system - with impulses similar to natural ones.

ENART works through the skin in this way, and it is particularly effective because the unique electric impulse continually changes as the body responds to the pulses.

ENART is unique in that it varies its pulse as the body improves, thus eliminating the possibility of adaptation and allowing for optimal response.

Through the skin, ENART devices activate nearly all systems throughout the body.

Using well-established electroacupuncture points, they treat a wide variety of diseases on specific skin points through the meridian system of the body.

The ENART pulses are very similar to the natural electric pulses of the body, and have no contraindications.

A holistic approach

As you can see, we are considering the body from a totally holistic point of view, turning the current theory of cell pathology on its head. Rather than, for instance, looking at the liver by examining liver cells, we take the holistic view and consider the whole body as a single unit, in functional terms.

We look at illness as something going on with the entire body system, not just a particular organ. The aim is not to fight illness by fighting symptoms, but to work with the body for the healing of the whole system.

Pill, scalpel or ... physiotherapy?

Generally speaking, there are three standard methods of treatment: physiotherapeutic, pharmacological and surgical.

Pharmacological treatment - in other words, pharmaceuticals or drugs - can be effective, though they may have limited use and almost always have side effects. Rarely do they cure – but only tend to suppress symptoms.

Physiotherapy as a branch in general is also fairly limited in its application and effectiveness.

Surgical treatment requires anaesthesia and may have unexpected effects and postoperative complications.

Physicians usually use surgery as a last resort.

All of these methods depend on an accurate diagnosis. Aftereffects of a mistaken diagnosis here may take a tragic turn.

ENART is unique in that it will not do any harm even if the patient's condition is diagnosed mistakenly.

ENART technology represents the newest trend in the branch of physical therapy. ENART is different because we can use it to diagnose and treat effectively at the same time, under any conditions.

Of course, ENART is not a panacea, but we know of no other method of treatment that can provide such positive influence on the entire body.

Its effectiveness depends on how well our body can respond and mobilize its healing potential, but in any case, it works effectively for many conditions. That is why even seemingly incurable diseases can respond to treatment with ENART.


So what is all the fuss about? New medical technology is commonplace these days.

ENART devices are different because they really work. They work very well indeed, to maintain good health and often to cure many hitherto "incurable" illnesses in patients whose best hope until now has been symptomatic relief.

The research shows that ENART had almost a 70% success rate for skin diseases and between 80% and 90% success rate for diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, urogenital system, and nervous system!

Already articles have appeared elsewhere stating the device is a kind of miracle panacea. But as with all holistic healthcares, remember that more chronic conditions take longer to clear, and one needs to understand the cause of the complaint and the process it may take to heal it.

There are few contraindications; the pacemaker is the main one, from a cautionary perspective only.

Also the ENART does not work with antibiotics. The use of antidepressants and steroids can hinder the best results.

Looking into the future

All around the world, people are becoming disenchanted with the difficulties and side-effects of standard health care.

Because the ENART devices are portable, easy to use, do not require special training, and can treat a wide variety of conditions – you may use them as a ‘medicine box’, ‘first aid’ and a kind of your personal ‘family doctor’ at one time, when required.

An aging population will appreciate home treatment that is affordable - and that works.

Because of its non-invasive treatment, ENART is very promising for AIDS.

There are many ways to use the ENART device:
- it can be used in place of needles on the meridian system of acupuncture;
- it can be used on the microsystem of the ear;
- it can be viewed as working with dermatones or through trigger points.
If one knows the spinal nerve system then one can do a great job with pain reduction or complete elimination.

No one remedy comes close to this wonderful technology, for efficacy and speed, and Zero side effects.


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