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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is there a minimum order for your products?

Answer: There is no minimum order for our products. We offer both retail and wholesale purchases as well as appropriate discounts.

Question: Are all manuals (and the "ENART-Tutorial") available in English?

Answer: All manuals are available in English.

Scenar, ENART and Prologue

Question: What is the basic idea of ENART technology?

Answer: ENART technology is based on the concept that the human body is the most complex bioenergetics' self-correcting system. This system has an innate and inexhaustible ability to maintain energetic balance between organs and systems of the body. When the body goes out of balance - for any number of reasons - we often experience a certain ailment. Sometimes just a minor pulse is needed to make the body employ its internal energy to correct the imbalance and restore harmony and balance. ENART technology generates such an impulse.

Question: What is the principle of operation of Enart, Scenar, Prologue devices?

Answer: The ENART devices are non-invasive regulators of body functions. They create ideal conditions for the body to heal itself, using its own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides.

Question: What is the method of treatment that characterizes ENART-technology as a "unique" one?

Answer: Each signal from the device helps regulate the body's functions and is controlled by the body through the biofeedback loop. No two consecutive signals from the device are ever the same.This allows treatment to be truly dynamic, adjusting for the state of the body from moment to moment and as the person's condition changes and improves.

Question: What are the essential differences between the Enart, Scenar & Prologue devices?

Answer: Enart, Scenar, Prologue devices differ in design and components; These devices can be analog or digital; May or may not have an LCD display window to read out operational settings, and a jack to connect detachable (remote) probes. However, they all use the same principle of action, which is a biofeedback.

Question: Is it difficult to operate the ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices?

Answer: For most devices, you will not need any special training to use them. Just be sure to read and understand the manual and instructions. In most cases, you simply apply the device to the area of pain or diseased organ.

Question: What distinguishes digital Enart, Prologue, Scenar devices from analoge one?

Answer: Digital devices are more advanced and, as a result, more expensive. Digital devices, as compared with analog ones, have the following benefits: reliability, longevity, high measurement accuracy, stable settings irrespective of service life, voltage and environmental conditions (humidity, temperature etc.).

Question: What benefit can one get from applying additional electrodes?

Answer: Detachable electrodes considerably enhance capabilities of the device, improve its therapeutic effect, and make the user's work easier in areas of difficult access.

Question: How can devices display diagnostic information?

Answer: Different models perform diagnostics in different ways: some have only sound indication, others - only light indication, and some models have both. More advanced models feature digital or graphic LCD readout of operational, diagnostic and therapeutic modes as well as automatic dosage indication.

Question: Are devices suitable for treatment of animals (veterinary medicine)?

Answer: The devices are well used in veterinary medicine. To treat the hairy skin areas, two forms of treatment may be used:
- Treat with the main probe. In which case hair should be removed.
- Treat with the attachable specific-for-hair probe.

Question: What is the warranty on the ENART, Scenar, Prologue device?

Answer: The guarantee term for Scenar, Prologue, ENART is 12 months from purchase.
             The guarantee term for the ENART 900 series devices is 18 months from purchase.






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