Scenar therapy and biofeedback devices

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Scenar therapy and biofeedback devices

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Scenar review

Scenar therapy and scenar biofeedback devices (also spelled as Skenar) have been used in Russia
for over 30 years. Scenar history of successful treatment makes it the cornerstone for all biofeedback therapy devices. Scenar devices are affordable and reliable, and scenar therapy is safe - negative side effects of scenar treatment are not known.
Scenar is often classified as short-pulse electrotherapy device, however Scenar differs considerably because
it gives immediate therapeutic adaptive feedback.

Scenar efficiency

Scenar activates nearly all systems within the body. Using well-established electroacupuncture points, it treats
a wide variety of diseases on specific skin points through the meridian system of the body.

The efficiency of Scenar treatment depends mainly not on how complicated the disease is, but on the ability
of body to mobilize all its reserves.
The pulses of Scenar are very similar to the natural electric pulses of the body, and have no contraindications. Scenar helps the body find it’s natural balance so it can heal itself. We can use Scenar for diagnostics and treatment efficiently at the same time, under any conditions.

Scenar certification

Scenar devices have been authorized for clinical and home use by the Health Ministry of Russia,
Registered Certificate 29 199/40 5, August 23, 1993. Scenar is remarkably effective in treating many different conditions, including nervous system disorders, respiratory complaints, cardiovascular problems, urogenital disorders.

Scenar clinical studies

The Scenar has been thoroughly researched for many years by the scientific community in Russia. At present Scenar is small in size but extremely effective for a variety of uses. Scenar has the potential to be extremely cost-effective in treating a wide variety of conditions. Scenar can be a real bargain - the small individual units cost nearly nothing in maintenance, and you will experience results from a session as short as 10-15 minutes.
Scenar can be an absolute lifesaver when you're away from home and medical facilities.If you have Scenar with you, there will be practically no need for medicine or a doctor. Scenar will save your money - and your health!


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