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Prologue-02 Clinical Tests

May 19, 1995
Chief Medical Officer of
Moscow City Dispensary of Physical Culture
Honored Doctor of Russian Federation,
Assistant Professor L. Markov.



Prologue-02 was clinically tested at the Department of Rehabilitation Therapy of MCDPC N 1.
Twenty-four patients experienced pain reduction or elimination after one application of the Prologue-02. The device was also used to provide medical support for the All-Russia Championship in 100 km & half-marathon races.

Forty athletes with the following conditions were treated:
1. Spastic syndrome (tetanic traction of sural muscle & thigh muscles) - 27 patients.
2. Myositis (muscle inflammation) & inferior limbs' arthralgia (joint pain in legs) - 13 patients.
The Prologue was applied from 1 to 3 minutes. Muscle cramps and pain were quickly relieved in all cases.

 The Prologue-02 device is effective for medical support for athletic teams during competitive events because of its effectiveness, portability and operating speed. It is also effective in treating in- and outpatients with pain syndromes caused by trauma and diseases of the peripheral nervous system, joints and muscles.

Head of Rehabilitation Therapy Department M. I. GHERSHBURG 

Chief of Military Hospital N114
Colonel of Medical Services V. Shichanin
1999. Krasnogorsk, Moscow region


From July, 1998 till April, 1999 the Prologue-02 electrotherapeutic apparatus was being clinically tested at the Physiotherapeutic Department of the 114 military hospital.
 The apparatus is designed to work through theskin, applied to the reflex zones, with neuro-like form electric impulses of variable frequency ( from 0 to 200 Hz ).
The apparatus is equipped with a microprocessor, which sends complex output adaptive signals dependent on impact zone impedance, and gives a sound indicator when treatment is complete.
Treatment of the patients by using Prologue-02 apparatus was carried out in full compliance with the operating instructions.
Effectiveness of treatment treatment was measured with common clinicodiagnostic procedures and patient interviews.

This study involved 390 patients, including:
1. Patients with locomotor system pathology & surgical profile (postinjury arthrosis, epicondylitis, arthrosis, arthritis, humeroscapular periarthritis, contructure, keloid scars) - 95;
2. Patients with neurologic conditions (spinal osteochondrosis with neural syndromes, neuralgia & neuropathy ) - 210;
3. Patients with urologic conditions (prostatitis, cystitis ) - 45;
4. Patients with pulmonologic conditions (bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis ) - 10;
5. Patients with ear, nose and throat conditions (maxillary sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, neurosensory hypoacusis ) - 30.
None of the patients experienced aggravation of symptoms, either during treatment or afterwards. During the second to fourth procedures, patient's subjective responses were tracked, noting improvement, while during the 4th-5th procedures, conditions improved among 20% of patients. Comprehensive analysis showed that 80% of the first group showed improvement; 84% in the second, 72% in the third, 78% in the fourth & 90% in the fifth group.

Therefore we can conclude:
1. Prologue-02 apparatus is highly efficient for treating a wide spectrum of conditions.
2. All patients tolerate procedures well, with no side - effects or complications observed.
3. Due to its portability and operating speed, the Prologue-02 apparatus can be used in doctor's offices , in ambulances, and at home.
4. The Prologue-02 can be used by physiotherapists as well as by medical doctors of various specialities.
Manager of the Physio-Therapeutic Department of
the 114 Military Hospital G. Volkova.


       A group of 102 children, ages 1 to 15, with various diseases, including disorders of the locomotor system; respiratory tract; ear, nose and throat; and gastrointestinal tract, were treated with the Prologue-02.
       Seven children with arthritic conditions received 8-9 treatments with the Prologue-02 directly on the affected joints. These children experienced relief of pain and increase of joint movement after treatment.
       48 children were treated for respiratory disorders. After the first 3-4 sessions with the Prologue 02, all the children experienced reduced bronchial spasm and cough. By the sixth session, all experienced improved expectoration. All experienced an anti-inflammatory effect by the end of the course of treatment (10-12 sessions).
       The ear-nose-throat patients included 22 children with bilateral neuritis of the auditory nerve, 5 children with antritis, and one child with serious paralysis of the right facial nerve after middle-ear surgery. By the 3-5 session with the Prologue-02, antritis patients experienced less nasal discharge as well as opening of the nasal passages. Patients whose auditory nerve was treated experienced significant hearing improvement after 10-15 treatments, with subsequent improvement after treatment.
       Gastrointestinal patients experienced improvement of digestive function. After 10-15 sessions, seven of nine patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers showed improved tissue regeneration and reduced scarring; two of these patients showed dramatic improvement.
       In addition to specific effects shown above, all children treated improved in sleep patterns and overall health after treatment. No children showed intolerance or any ill effects from treatment. The results were unaffected by patient sex or age.
Chief of Rehabilitation Treatment Department V.A. Dolgikh
Physiotherapist T.M. Bondareva
Chief Doctor of Stavropol Territory Child's Clinic Hospital Anisimov N.V.

Deputy Chief of N.N. Burdenko
Central Military Clinical Hospital (CMCH)
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V.N.Ardashev
October 6, 1997


1. Two models of the Prologue-02 device were provided for clinical tests at N.N. Burdenko CMCH. Prologue-02 is a logical sequel of the series of transdermal electrostimulation devices. The device generates short, bipolar electrical pulses of irregular neurolike shape (the combination of short rectangular pulses and successive high frequency damped oscillations) with two recurrent rates of about 60 and 140 Hz. Prologue-02 is easy to use and maintain. Power supply (built-in 9 volt battery is easily replaceable for recharge) can be used for 2 - 3 days without recharging. The device signals if power is low.
2. Medical tests with Prologue-02 were carried out on 56 patients with different conditions and degrees of pain. The majority of the patients had exacerbation of lumbosacral radiculitis. Only in one case (patient with significant hernia of intervertebral disk with constrained dural tube), we failed to stabilize patient's condition. In all other cases we observed the patients experienced positive effects from the very first session.

The device was also used for the following conditions:
- to stop acute of bronchial spasm attack (8 patients) and to treat;    
- vasomotor rhinitis (7 patients);    
- acute reactive polyarthritis phase (6 patients);    
- chronic prostatitis attack (5 patients);    
- varicose disease of lower extremities (4 patients);    
- chronic adnexitis (3 patients);    
- chronic maxillary sinusitis attack (2 patients);    
- bones and joints fractures during rehabilitation period;    
- pre- and postoperated patients;    
- patients with essential and symptomatic hypertensions;    
- hypothyrosis and other dishormonal states.

 Laboratory analysis following treatment withPrologue - 02 revealed specific and non-specific organism reactions.

Possible nonspecific therapeutic effects included:
- improved microcirculation;    
- spasmolytic effect (relaxation of smooth muscles);    
- anesthesia;    
- improved arterial and venous pressure;    
- functional improvement of CNS, VNS, endocrine and cardiovascular systems;    
- increased organism immunological reactivity and resistance to infectious agents;    
- normalized or increased secretion of some neuropeptides and hormones (secretion stimulation of endorphins and enkephalines, serotonin, cortisone), improved carbohydrate metabolism, decreased uric acid level.

Prologue-02 application for complex medical practices enables:
 - earlier and higher rate elimination of disease clinical manifestations;    
- normalization of clinico laboratory analysis results;    
- normalization or improvement of immunological parameters;    
- considerable decrease of drugs therapy application;    
- almost complete elimination of analgesic, spasmolytic and general drugs;    
- quantitative cut down of physical therapy sessions;    
- complete denial of taking drugs thus being the only method of treatment for some patients;    
- decrease in allergies, strengthening of immune system, rehabilitation or remission speed-up, treatment time reduction.

Prologue-02 application during the pre- or postoperation stages enables to:
- practically exclude postoperation pains;    
- decrease possibility of postoperation bleeding;    
- decrease or completely exclude taking of antibiotics or sulfanilamides;    
- practically excludes formation of edematas and haematomas.

Portable and easily maintained Prologue-02 is ideal for use by the Russia Armed Forces Medical Service, in regimental medical clinics, hospital wards, and in health resorts and polyclinics.
Prologue-02 apparatus is especially valuable in the field and on march. There were no operating failures.
Chief of Burdenko CMCH Physiotherapy Department,
Colonel of Medical Service Y.A. Rodin.

Chief of Central Military Clinical Sanatorium, "Arkhangelskoye"
Colonel of Medical Service September 5, 1997


This device has a unique combination of features.
Prologue-02 delivers an electrical pulse to each patient, the current depending on skin conductivity. Prologue-02 generates pulse parametersbased on a kind of resonance between device and body reaction, ensuring ideal therapeutic results combined with patient comfort. This favorably distinguishes Prologue-02 from the other similar devices.
Prologue-02 was tested for clinical effectiveness with 35 patients.

Results showed the following:
1. No patients experienced negative side effects or complications.    
2. We observed excellent therapeutic results in pain relief, amelioration of inflammatory diseases and also with visceral pathology.    
3. We found that a single application on several large areas was invaluable for polymorbid conditions.

 Taking into consideration portability, safety, operational reliability, good service performance and undoubted clinical effectiveness of Prologue-02, we found it extremely useful for use in stationary and dispensary conditions (including in the field and on the march), in sanatoriums, resorts and for therapy at home.
Chief of Physiotherapeutic Department Colonel of Medical Service, Y. Koudriashov 

Extracts from Prologue-02 Clinical Testing at Moscow Central Clinical Hospital, Russia 

The Prologue-02 was tested at the Moscow Central Hospital (MCH).
No patients experienced worsening of symptoms during or after treatment. Patients with joint diseases experienced pain relief and increase of joint mobility after 3-4 sessions, increasing by the end of the 8-10 sessions. The Prologue-02 was applied directly to the affected areas. In particular, patients experienced a dramatic reduction in pain; inflammation was slowed considerably; and general condition improved dramatically in all patients. No negative side-effects were observed.
Patients with traumatic injuries experienced quick relief of pain and quicker overall healing after treatment with the Prologue 02. Time spent in rehabilitation therapy was greatly reduced as well. We have concluded from our clinical studies that the Prologue-02 is highly effective for a wide range of disorders, applied by physical therapists, medical doctors, and qualified nurses. It can be used both in clinical settings and in the home as well.
Head Physician of the Hospital A.P. Nikolaev  


The electro-therapeutical device Prologue-02 was medically tested at Mogilev TMU є7 from September till November, 1992.
A typical course of treatment consists of 5-10 sessions, as a rule. In this study, treatment was given to 42 patients, including:
- lumbalgia - 7;
- lumbar ischialgia - 3;
- thoracalgia - 5;
- cervicalgia - 4;
- osteoarthrosis - 8;
- traumas - 2;
- chronic adnexitis- 2;
- rhinitis - 5;
- toothache - 3 (one session was enough to kill toothache).
At the end of the treatment, each of these conditions was much improved.
Pain syndrome was stopped in virtually all patients. Edemas were diminished, inflammatory conditions were decreased, range of movement in injured joints were increased, and patients felt better as a result of treatment.
No patients experienced any negative effects with treatment, and all received the application with ease.
Prologue-02 was especially effective for conditions accompanied by pain syndrome and tissue edema. The device is portable and easy to use, making it ideal for hospital use, clinical use, and home applications.
Chief Doctor of Territorial Medical Union N7 Kuntsevich S.S.

Head Physician of MRH V.P. Rudenko
June 26, 1993


Clinical tests were carried out at the Physiotherapy Department of Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital on 50 patients with different diseases, mostly accompanied by pain syndrome.

Conditions included:  
- discogenic lumbosacral radiculitis with acute pain syndrome - 12 patients;    
- cervicobrachialgia with acute and moderate pain syndrome - 10 patients;    
- deforming osteoarthrosis - 18 patients;    
- acute tracheitis and bronchitis - 10 patients.
All patients received the treatment easily, with no negative side effects. During the treatment with Prologue-02, the majority of the patients (38) was not given any other kinds of treatment.
The majority of the patients felt a decrease of pain after the very first session, and after that other clinical symptoms and syndromes consistently improved. 83% of the patients had positive results with Prologue-02 treatment.
Prologue-02 devices are easy and comfortable to use, highly portable, and completely safe (3 class of electric shock protection). These features make Prologue-02 ideal for use not only in medical institutions but also at home. These features favorably distinguish Prologue-02 from other electrotherapeutic devices.
Test Manager, Professor V.S. Ulaschik
Test Team members:
- Manager of MRH Physiotherapeutic Department A. Bogdel
- Reflex Therapy Doctor N.G. Khapaliuk
- Programmer N.F. Gelzhets


Prof. V. I. TERNOV, Pro-rector on research, atthe Byelorussian State Institute of Doctors' Advanced Training June 30, 1993

EXTRACTS from clinical tests of the electrotherapeutic device Prologue 02
Byelorussian State Institute of Doctors' Advanced Training, Physiotherapy department:

- Testing the Prologue-02 device for impulse therapy showed that the instrument could be used for a wide variety of conditions, simply and without special preparation.
- The following patient improvements were noted: pain relief, vascular improvement, immune system enhancement, anti-inflammatory action, and digestive improvement. The versatility of the instrument made it effective for a wide variety of conditions.
- In addition to its positive effects on particular ailments, patients noted that the Prologue brought about improved sleep, mood improvement, improved and sustained energy, and general overall improvement of health and attitude.
- No patient showed intolerance for treatment with the Prologue, nor any negative reaction to the treatment. Results were independent of sex or age. The device worked reliably and consistently, making it ideal for clinical or home application.
- Under correct usage (methodologically) there were no side effects at patients.
- Prologue-02 is portable, simple at operation, available for treatment either at public-health network, sport areas and at home.
The Chief of investigations,
Chief of the Chair of the physiotherapy, professor Ulashchik
Members of the investigation group:
- assistant professor, D.M.Sc. Kozlovskaya;
- engineer-softprogrammer Gelzhets;
- engineer Bogdanov.
27th of June 1993 

Belarus State Institute of Doctors' Advanced Training, Physiotherapy Department

Prologue 02 testimonial

  Research conducted by D. M. Kozlovskaya, Chair of Physiotherapy, at Belarus State Institute of Doctors' Advanced Training showed that the Prologue was effective treating 38 patients with a variety of conditions, including vertebral osteochondrosis with neurological complications, ankle and knee joint contusion, neurocirculatory dystonia (a neurological condition resulting in painful muscle contractions), rhinitis (nasal irritation, inflammation, and discharge), bronchitis with asthmatic syndrome, and headache as a result of cervical osteochondrosis (degeneration).
   The device applied dynamic and static stimulation through the skin in several areas of the body: the affected area, the area of manifested pain, and vertebra segment regions.
   Treatment was given 10-12 on 10-12 consecutive days, from 10 to 15 minutes per treatment. During treatment, patients sometimes reported the sensation of painless vibration, pricking, or heat.
   All patients felt positive results during treatment and after; there were no unwanted side effects. Preliminary findings include reduction of pain, edema, improved blood, and reduced inflammation. Virtually all patients receiving Prologue treatment experienced positive results.

From our observations, we can make the following preliminary conclusions:    
1. The Prologue is effective for patients with neurological conditions and locomotor dysfunctions, including pain associated with these conditions. In addition, it is effective for respiratory ailments, including asthma.    
2. The Prologue works effectively and efficiently on complex conditions of vertebral degeneration (osteochondrosis) as well as neurological and vasal conditions.    
3. Because the device regulates its pulse according to individual conditions, it provides new possibilities for effective treatment. We feel that this new method deserves more clinical study.
L. E. Kozlovskaya, M.D. , assistant professor of Physiotherapy Department at BelSIDAT 

Director of Mogilev Branch of Radiation Medicine Research Institute N. Ostapenko
June 25, 1993


Medical testing was conducted by scientific workers of Mogilev Branch of Radiation Medicine Research Institute in collaboration with Minsk region clinical hospital and Phisiotherapeutic Chair of Byelorussian State Institute of Doctors' Advanced Training.Clinical testing sought to determine the therapeutic effectiveness of the apparatus for particular disease conditions, as well as to study its immunocorrection potential.

Medical testing was conducted at the Mogilev Branch of Radiation Medicine Research Institute, from January 20 till June 10,1993. 70 volunteer patients, 47 women and 23 men, aged 17 to 65, were tested. Patients were diagnosed with generally accepted clinic diagnostics, using the laboratory, endoscopy and ultrasonic methods, as well ascomputer tomography. The Prologue device was used on the particular areas of disease, areas of pain, reflexosegmental zones, zones along peripheral nerves, paravertebral zones, and acupuncture points. The best results were achieved with daily applications, while two-three day intervals reduced the therapeutic effect, which made the course of treatment of 10-12 applications considerably longer.

Our results included the following:
All patients tolerated treatment procedures very well, with no negative side effects or complications.    
2. Treatment of non-discogenic spine lesions proved to be highly effective. Considerable improvement and normalization resulted in 44 to 87% of the cases.    
3. Treatment of joints resulted in abatement or elimination of pain with 65-75% cases. The motion amplitude of affected joints increased considerably.    
4. Treatment of ulcerous disease, gastritis, duodenitis, colitis all had good results. Considerable improvement was noted in 65% of the cases.    
5. The apparatus proved to be highly effective in stopping pain syndromes and in treating diseases of an inflammatory nature.    
6. The apparatus is more effective in treating women because of their higher sensitivity to treatment.

1. This is a high-performance electrotherapeutic apparatus which is highly portable and simple to operate, making it deal for clinical practice in stationary and ambulatory conditions, at sanatoriums and health resorts, and for home treatment.
2. We would recommend that new users receive short-term courses on using the apparatus, which would enable them to use it in the most effective way.
3. We would suggest further research on improving and developing new treatment methods, in collaboration with specialized institutions of Ministry of economics of Republic of Belarus.
  We would recommend the Health Ministry Commission of Republic of Belarus to authorize industrial production of the electrotherapeutic apparatus Prologue - 02 and its application in therapeutic practice.
Test manager, Head of Clinic Department V.T. Klimov
Clinic neuropathologist G.I. Gorbunova

of Chief management of Medical, Biological and Extremal Problemsunder Health Ministry of Russian Federation
June 1, 1995


 Prologue-02 provides treatment by electrostimulation on the skin of peripheral nervous conductors, with bipolar electric impulses of complex neuro-identical shape.
46 patients with various diseases underwent a course of treatment consisting of 5 to 10 procedures per patient.

We observed the following results:
- Anesthetic effect
- General vasodilating effect
- Sedative effect
- Anti-edematic effect
- Bronchodilatory effect
- Elimination of neuro-humoral regulation disturbances and elimination of hormonal dysfunction
- Anti-inflammatory effect
- Stimulation of tissue regeneration
 The overwhelming majority of patients showed marked improvement of their particular condition. 50% of patients showed improvement or normalization of objective test figures, as well as showing improved overall health. 35% of patients experienced improved overall health and reduction of disease.

We conclude that:    
1. Prologue-02 is highly effective for a wide variety of conditions.    
2. None of the patients' conditions worsened, and all tolerated treatment well.    
3. Prologue-02 is portable, has a built-in battery power supply, and is easy to maintain, making it ideal for outpatient and home use.    
4. Prologue-02 can be used by physiotherapists and by doctors of other specialities as well.
Chief of Clinic V.M.Vasiletz Laboratory Chief V.M.Baranova, M.D. 

Report from the Football Team "Dynamo", Minskon the Prologue-02

Starting in December 1992, the football team "Dynamo" tested the Prologue-02 for a period of three months. In 154 cases, the Prologue-02 was used 900 times.

The athletes experienced improvement in the following conditions:
- microrupture of muscles
- strained ligaments
- periostitis
- arthrosis
 In cases of injury, the Prologue-02 quickly relieved pain.
  It was also effective for muscle cramps, especially for quadriceps and the musculus gastrocnemius, periostitis, and arthrosis. Even in the case of severe muscle cramps, spasm stopped within 10-20 seconds after application at the muscle insertion. In addition, after sprain, athletes recovered much more quickly with the use of Prologue-02. For example, instead of taking 20 days to recover from sprain, athletes took on the average of 11 - 13 days with the Prologue-02.
  We also found that the Prologue-02 is effective in treating maxillary sinusitis, ear infections, the common cold, and other similar ailments. The Prologue-02 is also effective as a preventive measure used before workouts to prevent sprains. The device was applied to area of muscle insertion for 5 seconds before workouts.
  We found that the Prologue-02 can be used at the same time as other treatments without negative effect. Because it is useful in such a wide range of ailments, we consider it a useful and even necessary treatment modality for sports teams. We are not aware of any similar device that can be used with such ease and efficacy for athletes.
Doctor of football team DYNAMO, Minsk (signature) V.N. Dmitriev  


The Prologue-02 device was used to treat chronic prostatitis in combination with prostate massage. Each patient underwent 10 treatment procedures. Massage was performed in compliance with standard methods. In addition, the Prologue-02 device was applied for 5 minutes on low frequencies to Zacharjin-Head zones over the pubis, as well as to acupuncture points (T-3, V-31, V-32, V-33, V-34, V-35).
   Right after the first procedure, eight patients showed significant improvement, with pain relief in the pubic and perineal areas, as well as a reduction in general discomfort. Three female patients with cystalgia underwent 10 procedures with the Prologue 02 device applied for 5 minutes on low frequencies to zones as follow: over the pubis to the umbilicus and on a lumbosacral region as well as to acupuncture points (T-6, V-23, T-3, V-31, V-32, V-33, V-34, V-35, T-2, VB-34, R-6, V-60).
   All 3 patients experienced positive effects after the very first procedure. By the end of treatment, frequent urination urges (nicturia in particular) and imperative urges reduced significantly.
   Prologue 02 was used to treat pain along the inguinal canal and scrotum pain caused by various urological diseases (prostatitis, vesiculitis, funiculitis, residual epydidymitis). The device was also applied to the second-fourth sacral vertebrae nerves radicles' outlets, as well as along inguinal canals and to scrotum radix. Pain was quickly reduced in these areas.
   One female patient with neurohormonal cystalgia had a disturbance of the normal menstrual cycle. Prologue 02 application normalized her cycle, without need for any hormonal medicines.
   Besides urology, the device was used with a positive result for treating pain associated with osteochondrosis.Prologue 02 was also used for a treatment of one female patient with Zudek syndrom. There was a significant reduction of pain, lessening the hand's edema and increasing the fingers' active movement range.

1. Prologue-02 device may be used for a treatment of urological diseases, both in combination with other methods of treatment and independently.
2. The best results were achieved in pain reduction.
3. Prologue-02 cystalgia treatment showed no less efficiency then acupuncture treatment. Non-invasiveness is the advantage of this method.
Urologist A.A. Ohobotov  

July 10, 1997
Krasnogorsk of the Moscow region

The apparatus was used for application on reflex zones, lymph and blood flow trunks, projection zones of peripheric nerves and internal organs, on dermal integuments and around the area of pathology.
 The apparatus has a wide spectrum of frequencies and is sufficiently selective for tissues of the human organism.
The frequencies were specific for each patient, depending on disease, the frequency varying as the patient responded.
Treatment was carried out using labile and stable methods in accordance with treatment recommendations, in 8 to 10 ten-minute daily applications.

Conditions of patients included the following: 
1. Surgical profile: patients with bruises, hematomas, stretchings, post-operative conditions on faces and otorhinolaryngologic organs (on the third-forth day), post-operational on abdominal organs (for stimulation of intestine and prophylaxis of commissures), post-operational on vertebral column, fractures after removed immobilization, obliterating endarteritis, post-operational on fibrocystic mastopathy, contractures and keloid cicatrices prophylaxis, making a total of 40 patients.    
2. Neurologic profile: acute pain syndrome (radicular and reflexo-tonic), inflammatory diseases of peripheral nervous system (polyradiculoneuritis, polyneuritis), vertebral column osteochondrosis , making a total of 60 patients.    
3. Rheumatological profile: arthritis and arthrosis, deforming osteoarthrosis, epicondylitis, and periarthritis, - a total of 30 patients.    
4. Urological profile: cystitis, prostatitis, a total of 80 patients.    
5. Gynecologic: adnexitis, small pelvis commissures - 10 patients.    
6. Endocrinologic: hypothyrosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus - 8 patients.    
7. Therapeutic profile: chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, peptic ulcer (uncomplicated) - 32 patients.    
8. Otorhinolaryngologic profile : maxillary sinusitis, frontal sinusitis metopantritis , rhinitis, laryngitis - 8 patients.    
9. Dermal diseases: allopathy, keloid, ichthyosis, psoriasis - 12 patients.    
10. Sports trauma - damage of soft tissues, tendons, near- and inner-articular formations, periostitis - 6 patients.
       Statistics are based on treatment results of 286 patients: men- 70%women- 30%, ages ranging from 14 to 75 years old.Treatment proved to be effective in 84% cases.

Contraindications considered for application:    
- Malignant and benign tumors    
- Thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis    
- Hemorrhage and predisposition to hemophilia    
- Installed electrocardiostimulator, complex heart rhythm disturbances    
- Myocardial infarction, circulation insufficiency of 2nd degree and higher    
- Individual current intolerance

The Prologue 02 possesses a number of advantages:    
1. It is physiological, adequate and highly effective in treating various diseases.    
2. It is portable, safe and simple to maintain.    
3. It can be used in any conditions (field, clinic, consulting room, home).    
4. It works on the principle of feedback.

  Therefore we conclude:
 Therefore we conclude:Because of its simple application and maintenance, autonomous power supply, effective treatment of various diseases and traumas, easy application by a lay person (properly trained), The Prologue 02 can be used for treating diseases and traumas in battalion medical stations and hospital rooms and departments.
Head of the Physiotherapeutic Department Colonel of Medical Services, N.V. Bocharov


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