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Real Stories

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Real Stories
about how one of the Enart, Scenar and Prologue
devices has helped in a critical situation


Mike Kleinsteuber
United Kingdom

I have used Scenar and Prologue extensively in my family environment and have found their results to be close to remarkable, particularly for problems such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)*, tendon issues, headaches and other skeletal-muscular problems.
Injuries appear to recover much more quickly than with any other treatment and most symptoms have an immediate reduction in severity. I cannot recommend them more highly for both public and medical use.

* The boom in computer use has spawned an epidemic of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a potentially disabling disorder of the wrist, hand and arm (Decreasing hand strength, Wristing pain that radiates to the forearm, shoulders, neck and chest, Numbness in the hand, resulting in weakness or clumsiness). You could be at risk if you to do repetitive tasks with your hands for long stretches of time.


Ian Ballantine-Gray
United Kingdom

Dear All,

This note is intended for all potential users of the ENART suite of therapies but focusing on our experience of the personal devices range. Up until 8 months ago we had neither heard of nor used the Scenar devices. Our only experience of any type of electro-therapy was the use of a T.E.N.s machine to mask the chronic pain of a pair of prolapsed disc in my lumber region (discs No. 3&4) and this had waned in it's effectiveness as my body slowly adapted to the fixed wave pulses produced by such devices (it worked well over 18months and the rapidly degraded in effective pain relief). In essence we were left with chemical pain controls (mainly opiate based) to control the all encompassing pain.

My partner first put me in contact with the Scenar devices after she had had the opportunity to have a knee injury healed by one. The cost of therapy was restrictive but, with help from the people at Invet, we found that buying a small, personal device made much sounder economics (and without bi-weekly trips to the therapist made our personal lives less hectic). We decided on a 'personal' device, remember, we knew nothing of this technology or its application a few weeks before so what we really needed was just a 'point and go' device with which we could self treat or treat each other.

The wealth of information provided Invet on both the devices operation and the various methodologies of application gave us the full confidence to start our treatments immediately. Little did we know or expect the extent of positive changes that we (and that means all the family) were to experience after an inordinately short period of exposure to the device.

I found that within 3 days of having repeated treatments on my spasmed lower back that the constant attendant pain had diminished. I also found that I was withdrawing from my pain killers. I suffered all the symptoms of Opiate withdrawal whilst still taking my usual doses of pain control.

Understand me now because this really threw me at the time, the pain killers I was on were of the opiate suite of drugs. These molecules mimic the shape of the natural Endorphin molecule that we all produce.

One of the Endorphins main functions within the body is to help lessen the experience of pain. The receptor sites that receive the Endorphins have an uniquely shaped surface that fits the shape of the Endorphin molecule like a glove and it is that perfect fit which then "opens the channel" to the brain so it can alter our perceptions of our external inputs (pain in this case). The opiate suite of drugs (including Morphine and Heroin) manage to fool the receptor sites into thinking it's an Endorphin that's nestled into it's surface and fire off the 'pain control system' in an ad hoc kind of way.

The results are close to the 'real thing' but ask anyone who knows about treating chronic pain with these impostors and they will tell you that there are always accompanying debilitating effects which, at times, can be so severe as to negate the value of the drug. You take the drug to lessen the pain so you can be more active but the drug so 'drugs' you that you can't do anything because of these stupefying effects (no way to live a life).

What Scenar had promoted within me was an astounding chain of events. It had drawn my 'minds eye' to the affected region, my minds eye then recognised the scope of the problems and started to effect repairs. A part of these repairs was the production and deployment of Endorphins.

By the time my daily doses of pain control was ingested and in my blood stream my receptor sites had become swamped by the ready supply of Endorphins and so there was effectively 'no room at the Inn' for the man made copies which were then passed out of my body. I have spent months contemplating what happened during that first week this is the only way I can explain having my 'cold turkey' experience whilst still taking my normal doses of Opiate pain control.

Suffice to say I ceased taking my pain control and now only rarely resort to them and only as a short term 'fix', Scenar now does the real work and I feel sure in the fullness of time it will enable my body to effect the best, fullest repair it is able to perform for my lower back injury... amongst the many other repairs/rebalancing I will be requiring our Scenar to do for us. This is only a small part of what Scenar has done for me thus far.

The rest of my family have also undergone miraculous changes whilst using Scenar. Some of these are medically documented, like my partners recent ascendancy to 20/20 vision. She had been affected by measles at an early age and this had scared the eyes muscles, after 30 yrs of wearing glasses she no longer needs them. She has also grown in stature and is no longer the shortest sister (medical records show a 1" increase!).

Our son, Luke, suffers from a genetic condition known as Trisomi 10p+ and since commencing Scenar therapy on him he is a much more engaging, focused and content young boy (his special school records will adequately illustrate his gains) We feel he is on the edge of major changes in his development and that Scenar has enabled his body to muster the resources necessary for this developmental 'spurt'.


Andy Coverdale

I am a ships captain and decided to purchase and Enart to treat the crew on my boat. I had no previous medical experience and was very concerned about my lack of experience with all things medical.

My new unit arrived on Thursday and I decided to treat one sailor on my boat who was going to have his big toe on his left foot amputated as it was badly infected. The doctors had tried to cure his infection with antibiotics but as the foot itself was suffering from frostbite for a long time they had decided to amputate the affected toe.

I treated the toe for 3 days consecutively with Diagnos and Constant mode I left the unit in its default settings, as I had no previous experience to base my treatments with. Eventually I used Alternate mode but only after reading the manual provided by CCC INVET.

On the Tuesday the sailor reported that the infection had cleared and the wound was healing up .A week later the toe completely healed and he has been fine ever since.

I am convinced that the ENART is the perfect medical tool for the average person without much medical knowledge. It works and that is all that matters to the patient.


Kathleen Gainey-Campbell
United Kingdom

I had a patient contact me to say that he was in bad shape, as his dentist had told him that the Gingivitis in his gums was so bad that he had to have all his teeth removed and his general practitioner has told him the results of tests done in hospital were positive and that he had prostatitis.

He was quite upset as obviously he did not want to have dentures and was afraid that he would have cancer of the prostate glands, being only in his 50`s and still a relatively young man he felt that he still had a lot of living to do, and could still offer a lot to life and his family.
When he came to me, he was in great pain all around the jaw area, both top and bottom, and he was in pain at the lower part of his abdomen and suffering the symptoms of prostatitis.

As the jaw was the area where there was the most pain, I began to work here. At first there were no readings whatsoever, but after a short time working over the jaw, readings began to show. I treated this man twice a day for 3 days, and then once a day for 3 days, and then once a week for 5 weeks. At the end of this time, the Gingivitis had completely disappeared, and so had his Prostatitis. Both were confirmed by his Dentist and General Practitioner. The man is very happy now, and living a full life with his family and friends.

I think this is the most amazing treatment that I have done, but have seen many many speedy recoveries from all kinds of problems.


Leonardo Farias, Therapist
Maturon, Monagas, Venezuela

Thank you for the opportunity to enter your "COMPETITION for the best story about how one of the Enart, Scenar and Prologue devices has helped you in a critical situation".

I'll like to take the opportunity to congratulate you, this is a great way of allowing people to come in contact with this wonderful technology, and will help them know about it's benefits more easily. I'm sure the collected testimonies will help advance adoption of this technology.

These are my testimonies:

Testimony 1:
Male patient, 60 years old. Has diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, and had a C.V.A. Came into the office complaining about not being able to sleep all night due to recurring pains in his legs.
Upon assessment in Scan mode, almost all his values were almost zero (02 and 03). After just one 40-minute treatment with the Scenar all his values had raised to around 10, and he could sleep soundly all night long. He came back to reinforce treatment the following 2 days in which his values raised to normal levels, and after several weeks he reports feeling a lot better and being able to sleep well all night long.

Testimony 2:
Female patient, 47 year old. Had constant pain in the lower back for over 20 years due to a traumatic fall that required surgery to repair a fractured coccyx. After treating her lower back for 20 minutes, she manifested feeling relieved, and that her muscles in the lumbar region had relaxed for the first time in over 20 years.
Next day she said she could sleep well for the first time in a very long time, and that a small tension still remained in the sacral region. After treating that region for 15 minutes, and reinforcing the lumbar region, she said to feel very relieved.
Once more session was completed to reinforce treatment upon her request, and after several weeks, she manifests she hasn't again felt the pain that accompanied her for over 20 years.
This same patient later came to treat her 15 years old varicose veins that she had tried everything to get rid of, even injections, with no luck. After 6 sessions, her varicose Veins are no longer visible.

Testimony 3:
Female patient, 10 months old. Had an asthma attack and could hardly breathe. A few minutes into treatment , she stopped crying and started breathing more comfortably. After 15 minutes of treatment she was breathing normally.
A second treatment was applied next day to reinforce, but she came in breathing normally, and her mother said that after treatment the baby didn't show any asthma signs anymore, and slept peacefully. She hasn't had asthma anymore after several weeks.

Testimony 4:
Female patient, 47 years old. Had a big headache, felt drowsy and was drained due to sustained stress for over a week. Treating the St 36 and LI 4 points from the acupuncture meridians, in about 10 minutes she manifested feeling "Fresh" and that she felt "energized" and alert, and that her headache was gone.
This was during a very hot day (30C outside), she called 2 hours later to tell us that she was impressed as to how her coworkers complained about how hot it was during a walk they took together, but she would still fell fresh and relaxed, and was not affected by the heat. She later told us that the freshness sensation lasted all day, and that she could sleep well all night, and woke up feeling rested for the first time in over a week.

2 IN 1

Dr. Alex Eingorn
New York, NY

64-year-old female with a history of arthritis and chronic constipation for 40 years.
After one SCENAR treatment the patient returned and reported that all the pain was gone in her neck and the range of motion was restored to almost normal! In addition, she reported that she had developed a diarrhoea, which lasted three weeks, without any positive lab findings, and without any wasting, after which, it stopped, just as suddenly as it began, and the patient has had normal bowel, two to three times daily for the last six months, and counting.

Go figure. I love my SCENAR, and I use it every day on nearly every patient.


Jamila Haddadija
Casablanca, Morocco

For a long time I have hesitated to take up my pen. And there have been two reasons for this. Firstly, I am neither a newswoman nor a writer to attempt gaining the winner's laurels in this competition for the best ENART story. And secondly, there are many positive testimonials and attributes already given to Enart, Scenar and Prologue devices, so it seemed to me that I could hardly add anything new to what had already been said and written concerning them.

I am eager to share with you not only my positive experience in using those devices... I also want you to feel your own involvement in the victory over the helplessness and malaise of a disease-trapped human. This is the victory I have won - and you can win, too. Though I am not a medical doctor, my thirst for health knowledge has led me to study medicine.

Nature is a treasure-house of sun, water, air, earth energy and energy of living beings. Natural medicine is successful using the gifts of Nature with the wisdom of the ages to help people regain health. Knowing this, we may find the road to real health. I have read a lot of books and tried a lot of methods since I realized this gospel truth. In the course of my study I discovered ENART.

I carefully studied the Instruction Manual and computer CD with its User Guide and was prepared to use the device on myself as well as my family members. But my first use of the device proved to be unplanned. I used it on my cousin who stayed with us along with her family. For the last two years this woman has suffered from occasional severe headaches.

One day she complained of a terrible headache attack that had lasted for more than half the day. She had already taken a triple dose of the drugs she usually uses to relieve pain, but it grew even stronger. According to my cousin, "her head was about to crack". This woman was a sorry sight. She seemed to be running short of strength and patience and so I made bold to offer her my help.

Bearing in mind that taking drugs and using ENART at the same time does not work, I waited for a while before I got down to fighting my cousin's condition. Then I used my device for 15 minutes, after which the painful headache disappeared, and my cousin reported significant improvement in her condition. She even gave up drugs during the rest of her stay with us. It was an impressive result gained by me, a medically unqualified person, who for the first time used a device of Adaptive Receptor Therapy.

Two weeks had passed since we again met and she was pleased to say that she had no more headaches like she had experienced before my treatment. She asked me for more ENART sessions to further improve her health because, as she said: "in addition to my headaches, I in my 50's, have some more problems to treat". Her wish encouraged me still more, and I agreed with pleasure. There were many other interesting uses of the device, but this one was the most significant for me. I believed in the device, trusted in myself, and the ailment retreated. I wish everyone would be aware of the possibility for better health through use of ENART devices.

I feel, after what has happened to me, that my belief in myself, and my ENART, will save me in most serious situations I might face in the future.




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