Scenar, Prologue, Enart devices - which to choose?

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Choose the Right Device

CCC INVET offers a variety of Enart, Scenar and Prologue models, so everybody - from layman to professional - can choose the device, which one likes and can afford. In our price list you will find devices from simple to sophisticated, from inexpensive to luxury Assess your needs for a recommendation of the model that is best for you:

 For practitioners  

You want the best healing instrument. Money is not important, results are your main concern

  ENART 911
ENART 911-L2 - the ultramodern professional device, featuring unique functions and meant for creative practitioners. You won’t find a device with such capabilities and unique functions elsewhere!
  Your priority is reliability, effectiveness and simplicity of operation  
  ENART 801-V5
Reliable (inlaid into the metal case) and user friendly instrument, which effectiveness was time-proved.
  You prefer classic professional devices.  
  Scenar Professional Ritm
You may need to think of purchasing ScenarProf by Ritm (New 97.4)
  You are a shrewd person who prefers instruments that have won the greatest number of quality certificates and efficacy proofs  
To your attention Prologue-02, which effectiveness was approved by multiple clinical trials.
 Personal use  
  You do not want to wait a lot and think a lot, you need fast results  
  ENART 907
ENART 907-L0 is a home unit, which is most notable for its simplicity in operation and high velocity of recovery
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