ENART 900 series devices

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ENART 900 series devices

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ENART 900 series devices
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      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

ENART 900 series devices are made using state-of-the-art equipment which has allowed development
of a highly advanced technological breakthrough regarding both effectiveness and user friendliness,
thus bringing the world-famous ENART healthcare technology to a new stage of precision.

Basic Benefits

• The devices automatically evaluate each skin contact and clearly identify what to do next: either remain at a point for treatment or move to another point of skin contact.

• Give warning of a sufficient time of treatment;

• The healing process become sheer pleasure as the devices readily indicates a straight answer of where and how long to treat each and every skin contact.

Working with Scenar and Prologue devices, a practitioner would have, in most cases, treated problem areas without being able to objectively determine the end of treatment at each particular position of the device on the skin, except when the device was set to Diagnostic mode.
Now, the ENART 900 Series devices will automatically do this in the following modes:
  Interval, EN, CS, SC, SM, EM.


Performance of the devices has been perfected so that the warranty has increased to eighteen months, while the anticipated lifetime has been extended to at least six years.


The ENART 900 Series devices have an ergonomic design that fits neatly and naturally into the hand making them convenient for lengthy work.

User has the chance to choose the most convenient design for themselves among the casings modifications offered: Basic (143x63x31 mm), Middle (120x65x22 mm) and Mini (105x58x19 mm).

Built-in Electrode

Electrodes built-in the ENART 900 series devices can be of the following types: A and E.

Version A Electrode - this built-in electrode is made in the form of three parallel bars flat on the under side of the Device and rounded on its front end.

Version E Electrode - this built-in electrode is arranged on the front end of the Device.

All the versions of the built-in electrodes allow moderate use of various skin ointments and are easy to disinfect (cleanse).

The ENART 900 series devices can be connected to a wide range of special-purpose remote electrodes (probes), thus providing multiple applications without reducing therapeutic effects.



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