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My First-hand Experience in ENART, Scenar, Prologue Therapy

From the article written by
Marienko O. V., a doctor

For more than a year and a half some 100 patients were treated with ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices and Medical blanket for a wide range of conditions.
Here are the most interesting cases:

A girl of 19, had chronic tonsillitis and glomerulonephritis, complained of infrequent urination (once or twice a day), edematic eyelids, face and legs, low back pain, continuous headache, sudden change of ABP up to 170/120, no menstruation for 6 months, and hair distribution on her legs.
Her condition was deteriorating despite taking the prescribed drugs, vitamins and diuretics. Right before the ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart)-therapy sessions she took 40mg of furosemide daily. Her US scanning showed symptoms of pyelonephritis and changes in parenchyma of kidneys.
The girl took three courses of treatment:
The first course included 10 sessions of ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart)-therapy coupled with Medical Blanket sessions.
After a week of combined daily sessions, edema in the eyelids, face and legs disappeared, urination became much more frequent (7-10 times a day), and after a month, menstruation restored.
The second course was taken three months later during exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis and included 20 combined daily sessions. She felt much better, her menstrual cycle was back to normal (same as before fallen ill).
The third course was taken six months later (after the first course) and included 14 combined daily sessions, also held during exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.
Catamnesis 8 months after the third course: no complaints, ABP 110/70-80, menstruation is back to normal, results of urine analysis and US kidney scanning are normal and no more exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis observed.

A boy, 13, suffered from enuresis (bed-wetting) and epigastric pain and had underdeveloped genitals. His anamnesis showed that when he was 6, he had a urethral and urinary bladder injury and was operated on those organs four times.
The boy took three courses of ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart)-therapy in combination with Medical Blanket sessions.
In the first course, the epigastric pain was relieved after first few sessions and his nightly enuresis became less frequent (twice or thrice a week).
The second course coincided with treating the boy for sore throat (tonsillitis). His enuresis remained as frequent as it was after the first course and a hair distribution was noted in the pubic area during medical examination.
The third course was taken a year later and coincided with the exacerbation of a chronic gastritis. His enuresis by the time became less frequent (once or twice a month). The boy had an adult male pattern of hair distribution, his genitals became normal and there was no enuresis in the month past.

A female patient, 42, had a chronic arachnoiditis and a hydrocephalic syndrome, suffered from heavy headaches for many years. She couldn't do without analgesics and took up to 6 pills a day.
After 7 ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart)-sessions coupled with the Medical Blanket treatments, she reduced analgesics to 2 pills a day and experienced a milky fluid flow from her nose and no headaches any more.
Catamnesis after a year and a half: She feels good, has no headaches and does not react to any changes in the weather.

A female patient, 40, had a chronic gastroduodenal and ulcer and two alopecic spots that appeared on her head a year ago.
She took only three combined sessions of ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart) - and Medical Blanket -therapy for two weeks. Pains in the gastroduodenal area disappeared after the first session and the ulcer cicatrized in two months.
Catamnesis after 14 months: No epigastric pains, hair restored on head.

Effect from one-time use of the Medical Blanket

Rozhentsova I. L., a doctor
Cheliabinsk, Russia

As a family doctor, I am often called in to help my patients for various health problems. During such visits I always rely on my Medical Blanket and ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices and they have never let me down.

My patient, a woman of 46, spends much time with the computer at work and suffers from the periodically aggravated cervical osteochondrosis. When I came in, she was in bed complaining of a constricting pain in the ears, heart pain, headache, and high temperature. She said she tried to lower her temperature with drugs, but failed. I measured her ABP, it was above the mark as well.
So, I began my therapy with wrapping her up in the Medical blanket. While at session, she still felt a heart pain and, as she said, a "pressure on her ears from inside", with no other complaints reported.
After the Medical Blanket session she could get up, her skin was still hot, but temperature became normal.
I also used my ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices on the collar area to further correct my patient's condition. I noticed an asymmetry (reddening of the skin and sticking of the device) in the area. I used the device until the asymmetry disappeared. Her heart pain quickly withdrew and she reported considerable improvement. After the ENART-session she got up, smiled at me, thanked for help and saw me off to the door.
I recommended her to take more Medical Blanket sessions.

My other patient, a woman of 49, suffers from bronchial asthma.
I used to wrap her up in my Medical Blanket twice a day for 30 minutes at each session and then treated her with my ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices for the next 20 minutes.
In the course of this therapy, she reported much better sputum flow and drain function in her lungs, no more dyspnea and almost no sensation of pain in her back. Her skin became clean and less pigmented, acrocyanosis disappeared and papilloma shedding began fall away in the breast-abdomen area.

Okhotenko V. I., a doctor
Zhukovsky, Russia

A male patient, 36, treated for the postoperative gallbladder empyema, chronic gastritis with high secretory function in the intestine and vegetovascular dystonia, suffered from abdominal pains, headaches, insomnia and asthenia, disabled for a year and actually bedridden. He was taken in for the first three sessions, while for the fourth session he came without assistance.
The patient took two courses of the ENART (Scenar, Prologue, Enart)-therapy in combination with the Medical Blanket sessions. After the second course his ability to work was restored.


Dohadkin A. V., a doctor
Taganrog, Russia

A female patient, 79, while taking Medical Blanket sessions for two months to slow down ageing, reported a considerable healing effect (improved sleep, appetite and high emotional and physical activity). But despite those positive symptoms, she suddenly began to express doubts about expediency of further Medical Blanket sessions. Following a frank talk with the patient, I found out that she was embarrassed by appearance of long-forgotten sexual attraction. After side effects were explained, sessions with the Medical Blanket continued.

A male patient, 47, took Medical Blanket sessions to treat his chronic gastroduodenitis and lumbosacral osteochondrosis as well as to prevent age-related changes.
After three weeks of treatment, the patient reported very positive healing effect, such as elimination of nausea, epigastric burning and pain, lower constraint and pain in the spine. He especially noted stronger libido and erection, longer and even repeated sex, which he hasn't experienced for a considerable period.

A female patient, 43, took Medical Blanket sessions to relieve her occupational psycho-emotional stress. After two months of treatment she reported improved general state of health (better ability to work and higher psycho-emotional stability) and also noted shorter and less painful menstrual cycles (5-6 days now compared to upwards of 10 days previously.

Datchenko A. A., practitioner
Taganrog, Russia

A male patient, 43, when lifting a heavy weight, got an injured capsule and slightly torn rings in the C6 and C7 cervical vertebrae and, as a result, a bad sleep, low mobility, spreading pain in the arm and chest pain when coughing.
Every day he took two Medical Blanket sessions: one in the morning and the other in the evening, each 40 minutes in length.
After a week of treatment, his sleep became normal and he could get up from bed without assistance. After two weeks, pain in the arm and chest pain reduced considerably and after three weeks - disappeared. It was also noted the patient was able to tolerate psychic stress better and had no more symptoms of chronic tonsillitis.

A boy, 9, suffered from chorea due to rheumatic brain injury, experienced neurotic behavior, unstable mood, whining, irritability and anxiety followed by hyperkinetic muscular twitching in the face, limbs and torso.
Traditional drug therapy he had taken for 5 years proved ineffective. The patient received 30 Medical Blanket sessions. His mood became more stable, irritability and anxiety decreased. For three weeks there was no hyperkinetic muscular twitching in his face, limbs and torso. Then the twitching resumed again, but its frequency and intensity were considerably lower.
The patient continues Medical Blanket-therapy at home.

A female patient, 69, had a circulatory problem in her lower limbs and always felt cold in her feet.
Just after the first Medical Blanket session the patient reported very positive healing effect: "warm" feet and improved sleep.
She continues the therapy at home.

A male patient, 42, had a left X-rib fracture and experienced severe pain, which he couldn't relieve with customary painkillers.
The patient was prescribed three Medical Blanket sessions every day. The third day showed considerable pain relief and increased range of motions in his chest and spine.
After two weeks of treatment he returned to work.

Rozhentsova I. L., a doctor
Cheliabinsk, Russia

A female patient, 40, who had an arthrosis, felt a constant pain in her left knee joint for the last two months and walked with a slight limp, was prescribed Medical Blanket therapy.
During the first few 30-min sessions she reported slight tightening in her left leg, while others were without remarks. After a month of treatment the patient feels well and is no longer lame.

A female client, 72, bought the Medical Blanket "to keep health and to rejuvenate", got to use it often disregarding methodical instructions, even sleeps wrapped up in the blanket.
At first she reported slight pain in her joints, which disappeared later on. After two months she became active and energetic and often used to say: "The life is nice and amazing!"
She enjoys her blanket, uses it "per her body request" and is an ardent supporter of the invention of Medical Blanket.

A male patient, 52, looked much older, complained of pains in the knees and feet, low ABP (90/60) and anxiety neurosis.
The man took two Medical Blanket sessions, each 40 minutes long. After the first session he was completely wet with sweat, his body clearly showed the "geography" of his condition, the ABP came to 110/70, and the pains disappeared by the end of the session. During the second session in the evening, the patient experienced the same "sauna" effect, slept much during the day and in the evening and felt, as he said, a pleasant vibration and inexpressible relief.

Okhotenko V. I., a doctor
Zhukovsky, Russia

A female patient, 78,
had an ischemic heart, exertional angina, and paroxysmal tachycardia at high ABP. Taking 40-min sessions of the Medical Blanket therapy brought her condition to normal.


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