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What is Scenar device and therapy and what are their advantages?

SCENAR device is a device that is the best in pain management and diseases treatment. Scenar therapy, in some ways, resembles any electrotherapy that heals the body with signals of various forms, lengths, and strengths. However, none of these devices sends out the signals specific to your particular disease - except Scenar, which do! As you can see, this is a totally different process than conventional electrotherapy: Scenar device set up a “dialogue” or biofeedback between the body and the device. No two consecutive signals from the devices are ever the same. This allows treatment to be truly dynamic, adjusting for the state of the body from moment to moment as your condition changes and improves. That’s why we call it ‘neurobiofeedback’ device, because Scenar adapt their pulses to the body’s response and so instead of taking medicines to help regain your health, you can use Scenar devices to interact with the body, working with biofeedback, to produce its own “internal pharmacy” of neuropeptides. Your body knows best: which internal chemicals it needs for optimal and natural healing.

Scenar advantages.
SCENAR was invented in Russia – as ‘all-in-one’ space healer for Russian spacemen more then 30 years ago but now everybody - from mothers at home to highly professional medical specialists - can benefit from biofeedback devices; they are simple and easy to use, and effective for a wide variety of medical conditions. If you wish yourself and your dears, the best of health - for any ailment, think Skenar first and foremost!

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