Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket

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Medical Blanket

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Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (Medical Blanket) is a state-of-the-art therapy invented in Russia and sold all over the world.
The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket presents a radically new therapeutic instrument to help a patient reestablish the proper regulation of his or her psycho-emotional and somato-vegetative functions.
It offers a gentle, non-invasive approach for many conditions, both chronic and acute.
You can use the TMB to balance and strengthen patient’s condition with a wide variety of problems. It helps normalize body functions and bring a patient to homeostasis or in other words, health and balance.
To achieve the functional harmonization, a patient is introduced into the conditions of local ecological medium produced by the therapeutical blanket TMB-01.

The main effects produced by the TMB-blanket environment on the subject include:

• Complete or partial protection of a patient from the external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.
• Therapeutic exposure of a patient to his or her own extra-high frequency (EHF) electromagnetic emission reflected by TMB-01.
• Re-distribution of the patient's electrical charges over the body surface.
• Therapeutic exposure of the patient to his or her own reflected infrared emission.


• The TMB protects from harmful electrostatic and electromagnetic fields.
• It restores and maintains cellular homeostasis.
• It improves the circulation and condition of the blood.
• It balances and restores acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points. 

The TMB is entirely non-invasive and has no contraindications. It can greatly reduce dosage or even eliminate entirely prescription medications.
In combination with other therapies, especially with ENART, Scenar and Prologue therapy, the TMB-01 produces even greater effect.
It will help correct body imbalances but will never adversely affect normal body function.


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