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If you wish to protect your vision or to recover damaged vision, follow the principle: ‘Relaxation will recover (keep) my visual acuity’.
And this means that you should make the following your vital rule:
- Never screw up your eyes;
- Do not strain your eyes trying to see objects;
- Avoid long fixed glances at objects; try to let your eyes rove as often as you can;
- Blink at every opportunity.
Read the above once more and remember it well.

For ‘lazy people’ who cannot make themselves do anything regularly, and for very busy persons who have no single minute of free time, we offer another solution – an affordable and very effective device – LASER VISION training glasses.



The following article is from the "Pharmacia" journal, by N.N.Bushuyeva, MD, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, senior researcher at the Filatov Institute of Ophthalmic Illnesses and Tissue Therapy of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Science

Over many centuries poor vision has been a serious problem for mankind. Ancient man placed his rolled-up palm against his eye to see things better; the priests of Egyptian temples had smooth tablets with narrow foramens (apertures) through which they watched remote subjects and solar eclipses. As time and knowledge have increased, together with the growth of science the problems of poor vision have remained unresolved.

Researchers have united their efforts in investigating the problems of vision in such areas as physics and medicine. As a consequence, the magnifying glass, lorgnette, monocle, pincenez, glasses, contact lenses have appeared.

It is symbolic that the section of physics which studies phenomena and properties of light received its name from the Latin word 'opticus', i.e. visual, and had been developed through investigation of the problems caused by poor vision.

The lens (in glasses) for a long time was the sole means (way) of correcting deficiencies and shortcomings of vision in most cases. Today, people who are long-sighted and mope-eyed, and those suffering from astigmatism and initial cataract and glaucoma, as well as for the last few hundred years: all these people now wear (use) glasses.
Recently, the problem of ophthalmic pathology and deterioration of vision has become very serious. There are many reasons for this.

Technological progress (computers, videotape recorders etc.) has resulted in the fact that the visual analyzer withstands increasing heavy duty when examining small-sized objects up close.

A large part of deteriorating vision is due to ecological, social, and economic factors.
The eye is very similar to any optical device. Muscles supporting the lens, provide changes in its depth. An image comes through the lens and is received by receptors in the retina. When we look at a subject located near to us, circumferential muscles thicken the lens, thereby changing the focus; if we look into the distance, the radial muscle makes the lens more flat, removing the image from the trailing wall of the eye globe.
If the image is displaced beyond the boundary of the eye, there is hyperopia resulting in an indistinct map of subjects; if it does not reach the receptors of the gauze shell, there is nearsightedness; with astigmatism, twisting of the refractive mediums (cornea of a lens) results in a blurred picture of the subjects on the retina.

To obtain a sharp image it is indispensable to wear special correcting glasses, either negative or positive, or contact lenses. That's why so many people of different ages have to use glasses or contact lenses.
As a result of recent research in the fields of engineering and technology, some suggestions have been proposed to solve the problem of poor vision. First, microsurgical technology permits an elimination of the noncomplicated forms of nearsightedness, both weak and moderate. In hyperopia, and astigmatism it is possible to restore vision completely.
Second, medical therapy can control disease and loss of sight with vitamins, nonspecific immunocorrectors, physiotherapeutic procedures, electrical stimulation,and laser stimulation of a muscle thereby adjusting the crystalline lens shape and the receptors of the retina.

Thirdly, by using an excimer laser to remedy the incorrect curvature and refracting force of the cornea shell, it becomes possible to correct near-sightedness up to 20 diopters.
Today, this modern research and method of treatment has taken a special place in ophthalmology.
But a surgical operation always suggests certain risks, stress, worry, money. Conservative techniques almost always use lens glasses which correct depressed vision but do not restore it. Moreover, eye muscles which are responsible for visual acuity get quickly used to lenses and thus they continue both to weaken or to suffer strain needlessly. As a result, the disease progresses, and the lenses are replaced with stronger ones.

Recently, opticians use new instruments more frequently to reduce the eye dead load and to recover vision, one example of this is found in the the Laser Vision glasses.
Using them one may watch TV, read newspapers or enjoy police stories, and the eyes do not get tired, on the contrary, both near and farsighted vision is improved.
In truth when did you last cast a glance at the neighboring panorama outside? In fact there is nothing to replace this natural form of relaxation but the simulator Laser Vision glasses.
The first impression of a person who has put on these glasses which look like ordinary sunglasses is one of surprise. One sees everything just as in regular lenses although the Laser Vision has no optical glass in it. An eye really can see, if the ophthalmic muscles work normally. Such is indeed the case with our simulator glasses which make (compel) our eyes do this.
The apparent simplicity of the device and its use hides very complex technology. One of the licensed techniques is achieved through a precise mathematical calculation of the diameter, configuration and location of foramens(small apertures) which influence the light falling on the eye muscles in a very definite way. On a dark opaque plastic sheet by using laser technology a certain number of foramens (pinholes) are made at precisely spaced intervals they are made on a special type of plastic, which has no analogues. When manufacturing the Laser Vision glasses, a laser ray is used to cut through the plastic resulting in cone-shaped foramens.

The principle of operation of these simulator glasses is based on the known physical laws of refraction, orificing (thereby affecting the iris) and interference of a luminous (light) flux. The sharpness of the map is increased by examining subjects through a small foramen. This effect was first used by ancient Eskimos, and more than once saved the climbers who had got blinded by the snow. They used a foramen, made of any available material, and then they started to see the basic lines around a l subject, followed by a gradual improvement in their vision.
The Laser Vision Training glasses cause the eye to work in a training mode, and help restore the natural function of the normal activity of the eye-muscles.
Another advantage of the Laser Vision glasses is that they help release tightness found in the muscles and, at the same time, encourage activity in the weaker muscles. The effect of the Laser Vision glasses is found more in the training of the muscles of the eye. To achieve improvement of vision it is enough to use them regularly for 30 minutes daily.
Clinical tests of the Laser Vision glasses have been made at the Research Institute of Ophthalmic Illnesses of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, also at the Moscow Medical Academy and at the Odessa V.Filatov Institute. They confirmed its positive medical properties and effectiveness for patients who suffered from myopia, presbyopy, hypermetropia, astigmatism, initial developments of a cataract, photophobia. Further research has shown, that the Laser Vision glasses were useful in the treatment of spastic stricture of an accommodation, initial phacoscotasmus, pigmentary peripheric involution of the gauze shell, and in retina exfoliation (i.e. to control the movement of the eye).

The civil aviation pilots tested the glasses as a relaxation remedy and found that their eyes were well rested, and that such unpleasant sensations such as sharp pain, burning, a feeling of sand under the eyelids faded away. Laser Vision glasses also helped restore normal color perception to people who are forced to work long hours under simulated light.
Some case histories:

1. A child of 7 years old was on the books at the Ophthalmic Illnesses Research Institute because he was suffering from accommodation spastic stricture. Visual acuity was 0.7.After Laser Vision and a series of exercises designed to improve the accommodation were recommended. there was a significant improvement in his condition. After 2 weeks the visual acuity was restored to a figure of 1.0.

2. A high school student (aged 16) had mild myopia. The visual acuity was of 0.3. After one month of the Laser Vision treatment and special training exercises visual acuity got back to 1.0.

3. A young man of 19 years old suffered from the pigmentary involution of the gauze shell and had myopia of 3.0 diopters. He had been using the Laser Vision glasses for one year. The visual acuity had grown from 0.3 up to 0.6 (without correction). The glasses helped him to better orient himself (to find his bearings) within a reduced field of view.
There is a multitude of real cases of different ophthalmologic pathologies which the Laser Vision glasses has been treating with good effect. Results speak for themselves.
The maximum effectiveness of treatment is reached if your optician prescribes special exercises together with detailed instructions as to how to use the 'glasses'.
Positive results can be seen after just one fortnight of eye training; visual accuracy and accommodation resources are increased, and the eyes become more sensitive to light and contrast.
The Laser Vision glasses have few contraindications - high intracranial pressure and ophthalmotonus, opacification of refractive media (cornea shell, lens and vitreous).
The therapeutic properties of these glasses do not deteriorate in time provided the foramens shape (or aperture) is not damaged.



Published in the April 1999 edition of the "Mig" newspaper,
Zaporozhye City, Ukraine

There has recently been a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from eye conditions. Frequently, this is caused by a number of factors, e.g. computers, televisions, mobile phone displays etc.
Until now, there have neither been preventative measures, nor universally applicable techniques to correct vision problems. However, modern medical researchers have succeeded in creating such a universal device. It is Laser Vision glasses that help to improve your ruined eyesight.

During my thirty years of ophthalmology, I have never seen such an effective and universal preventative treatment and remedy.
Today, objective observers would say that Laser Vision glasses are on a par with many outstanding discoveries in medical science and engineering. More and more doctors and practitioners are recommending them to their patients. From a personal point of view, I have been recommending the genuine Laser Vision glasses to my clients and colleagues.
When we need advice on what to buy for our eyes (traditional prescription glasses, or new fashionable contact lenses), we normally go to see an optician. This is because before we have not had Laser Vision glasses to make our decisions simple.

You see, many people have conditions when a lensless treatment is indicated, e.g. presbyopy, near-sightedness, hyperopia, amblyopia, and initial state of cataracts.
The highest possible efficiency of treatment is achieved at efficient performance of exercises and doctor's prescriptions.
Positive results can be seen after just one fortnight of training; visual accuracy is increased, and the eyes become more sensitive to light and contrast. Below are some of the case histories that have convinced me of this:

A woman came with a complaint of deteriorating vision. An examination showed her to be suffering from presbyopia and have a small cataract developing. I recommended that she use Laser Vision glasses. Two weeks later her sight had improved by 0.5 dioptre up to 1.0. She was no longer long-sighted, but still uses her prescription glasses for her near-sightedness.
A girl of 16 years old was advised to use glasses Laser Vision. Visual acuity at the beginning of treatment was 0,3 (near-sightedness). After three months her vision was restored up to 0,95.
A woman came to change her + 2.5 glasses for stronger ones (her diagnosis was hyperopia). She was told to use the Laser Vision glasses. Two months later she was back to change her glasses again, this time for + 1.0!

A young woman went to see her doctor as her eye-sight was getting progressively worse (for three years she had worked in front of a computer everyday). Tests revealed nuclear cataracts in both eyes. Two months of treatment with Laser Vision produced extremely positive changes.

A client suffering from the composite astigmatism and myopia came for a consultation after he had seen lensless glasses advertised on TV. His visual accuracy was - 0.2. An initial with Laser Vision glasses (designed to establish the potential for vision (acuity or accuracy, or visual – any of these words) gave results of - 0.8. Two months of regular use of the Laser Vision glasses improved his vision to - 0.85.
A local practitioner referred a client suffering with diabetes to an ophthalmologist. Initial examinations revealed diabetic angiopathy, diabetic initial cataract, near-sightedness, presbyopy. Visual acuity was - 0,3. After using Laser Vision glasses for four months, his visual acuity was - 0.5, and months further use improved it to - 0.6.
The results speak for themselves.

A.G.Grinchenko, an ophthalmologist


"Health Herald" newspaper article (December 1999, Ukraine)

Over the last few months, we've received hundreds of emails and telephone calls from people anxious to know more about how Laser Vision glasses can improve their vision.
It's no wonder, because just about every family in the world is concerned with preserving and improving their vision. Laser Vision glasses seem almost to be a miracle because they work effectively for just about everyone, without lenses and without surgery.

To answer any questions, we interviewed Dr. Yuiy D. Zhilov, MD and professor at the Moscow I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy. He provided the following insights into Laser Vision glasses:
Today almost one in three adults has some sort of vision correction, either contact lenses or glasses. Of course, most of us understand that lenses correct our deteriorating vision, but cannot help you recover perfect vision. As you know, when you use lenses, the eye muscles adapt to the lenses and continue weakening, perhaps needlessly straining in the process. Thus we continue to develop our nearsightedness or farsightedness, and as we grow old, we get stronger and stronger lens prescriptions.

Laser Vision is an entirely different proposition. These glasses retrain the eyes; relaxing strained muscles and exercising weakened muscles. Using Laser Vision can be important not only for people who already use glasses, but as preventive medicine for those who don't use glasses at all. Using Laser Vision, they may never need them.

L. L. Hundanov, Corresponding Member of Russian Medical Science Academy, Director of the Russian Scientific Center of Traditional Medicine and Disease Prevention.
Laser Vision glasses look somewhat like glasses, but they are different. They are based on the well-known physics laws of refraction, masking and interference of a luminous flux. They force the eye to retrain itself for optimal vision and restore the natural function of healthy ophthalmic muscles. Much research and development have gone into developing these glasses, although they are simple to use.

G. V. Basov, Ph.D. in Medicine, the New Methods of Diagnostic and Treatment Department Chairman, Research Institute of Ophthalmic Illnesses of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, states:
"A therapeutic effect of large scale, absolute harmlessness and excellent correcting capacity of glasses established by clinical approval of the 'Laser Vision' glasses in Russia are good reasons to recommend 'Laser Vision' for broad clinical application to cure nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Within two months of clinical tests in which 247 patients took part, the glasses made it possible for patients to release a spastic stricture of an accommodation up to 3-4 diopters, to correct an astigmatism up to 5 diopters, and to considerably improve color and contrast discrimination. This was achieved during sessions of no more than 30 minutes a day."

N.N.Bushuyeva, M.D., Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ophthalmic Illnesses and Histiotherapy, the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, states that "tests in the Ukraine have confirmed the medical properties of Laser Vision glasses. They are particularly effective when combined with treatment with Scenar devices of adaptive-receptor therapy."
Many people believe that sunglasses effectively protect the eyes from damage, but this is untrue. Some sunglasses can even cause permanent eye damage. For example, it is especially dangerous to wear glasses, which enhance ultra-violet and cyan ranges of the light spectrum.

Laser Vision glasses are an ideal substitute for sunglasses. They do compensate for bright light, but they do not shade the vision and do not distort true colors.
These glasses are universal, and can be used at any age. Contraindications for Laser Vision glasses are rare-only high intracranial pressure and ophthalmotonus. Amazingly, Laser Vision glasses help to delay development of cataract and glaucoma. After reducing or even eliminating cataracts, Laser Vision glasses give complementary protection. As the shape of the retina is corrected, the eyes see more and more normally. The glasses continue to be effective over time and do not lose their efficacy unless broken. These glasses are authorized for the medical practice in Ukraine.


Published in the March 2004 edition of the "Health" newspaper,
Vinnitsa City, Ukraine

"A year ago my daughter was given prescription glasses, but her sight continued to deteriorate. The lenses have already been changed twice for stronger ones. Help us please. Is there any way to stop her eyesight getting worse?"


N. Bushueva, doctor of medical sciences, Head of Laboratory at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Ophthalmology and Tissue Therapy.
Eyesight problems have always been a cause for general concern. Unfortunately, the most popular solution today is to use lenses or glasses. However, this offers no way of fighting against the development of short-sightedness or hypermetropia (long-sightedness). Ordinary glasses only help to slow down the deterioration of one's vision, but in no way improve it. Eyes quickly become accustomed to the lenses; the muscles around the eyes continue to weaken, or they suffer from further stress. Consequently, the glasses need to be changed for stronger ones.

The invention of Laser Vision simulator glasses provides a unique opportunity to greatly improve or correct sight difficulties, inexpensively and with little effort. It is simply sufficient to use them to watch the television or read with them for thirty minutes each day, and within one month a considerable improvement will be noticeable.
The advantage of Laser Vision over ordinary prescription glasses is that they re-train the eye muscles, causing a precise reallocation of work-load so that weakened muscles work harder allowing stressed muscles to relax.

In this age of rapid technological progress, Laser Vision glasses will become indispensable, as people's daily activities increasingly involve intensive eye-stress (more time spent in front of a computer, driving, intricate manual operations). This is certainly true for children whose sight is adversely affected by greater demands in school, and more time peering at a TV or computer screen.
At first sight, Laser Vision glasses look like ordinary sunglasses, with only the small grid of tiny holes making them unusual.
In fact, the glasses are made of a special opaque plastic, into which the tiny holes are made. The placement and diameter of each hole are determined by complex mathematical calculations and made by high-precision technology.

The therapeutic effects of the glasses work around the principles of refraction, stopping-down (orificing) and the interference of a luminous flux.
Clinical tests of the glasses in the Research Institute of Ophthalmic Illnesses at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Mechnikov Moscow Medical Academy, and in the Filatov Odessa Research Institute of Ophthalmology and Tissue Therapy, have confirmed their medical properties and noted the unusually high therapeutic effect.
In one test, some patients improved their vision by up to one dioptre per month, while the deterioration in other patients ceased.
There were also some remarkable results, for example, a patient who was able to swap his minus 10 dioptre lenses for minus 6 after one month.
Test showed also that the glasses were most effective when used in conjunction with the new ENART (energo-neuro-adaptive-receptive therapy) medical technology.
Laser Vision glasses are completely non-invasive and have a magnificent corrective capacity for a wide range of eye problems (short-sightedness, hypermetropia, astigmatism, asthenopia (eyestrain), problems of colour and contrast distinction).

Every family should possess a pair of Laser Vision glasses as a preventive measure against the development of eye problems. To maintain healthy sight, it is sufficient to use these glasses for just thirty minutes a day while carrying-out daily tasks around the home, watching TV or reading.
Laser Vision glasses are multi-purpose and can be suitable for all sizes. The distance between the centre of the eyes is unimportant, and the plastic rims allow adjustability, according to personal preference. Consequently, one pair of glasses can be used by the whole family - adults and children alike.
There is a general misconception that any pair of dark glasses will protect our eyes from the sun. With the multitude of sunglasses that are available to us, it is unsurprising that we often buy the wrong ones. For most people, the most important considerations are aesthetic design. Some dark glasses can be very harmful, allowing the ultra-violet rays from the sun to pass through.
Laser Vision glasses provide an ideal alternative to sunglasses. While eliminating glare, they do not shade your vision or distort colours.
Many opticians already use Laser Vision in their practices.
However, beware of cheap replicas. There have been cases of glasses, resembling Laser Vision that have been sold under a different name. These fake Laser Vision glasses do not have any of the medical properties, and may even damage eyesight.



The Laser Vision training glasses will help you to see yourself, and the world, in a new light.

Published in the December 2002 edition of the "Rakurs" newspaper,
Lugansk City, Ukraine

Please tell me about Laser Vision glasses. Can one's vision really be supported and even be improved by the use of such a simple device?
V. Ivanchenko.
This question is answered by N. Kravchenko, an ophthalmologist.
Just about everybody knows how the structures of the eye are arranged, that the eye may be likened to some kind of a composite optical device. But unlike even the most basic item or device we might purchase, usually following the maintenance instructions for that device for a long and reliable life, we rarely give any support or care to our own eyes. As a result of this lack or negligence of preventive eye care almost one third of our population now wears glasses or lenticles to be able to see clearly.
But new developments in the science of the eye and of sight have found a way to change all of that! Called the Laser Vision glasses-simulator, they are worn just like regular glasses. Using them during your normal daily activities of watching the TV, reading newspaper, etc., your eyes will not only not get tired but will even become relaxed. And with regular use of at least 30 minutes each day enable these Laser Vision glasses to correct and even completely restore your vision back to normal. People with poor eye sight requiring glasses of several diopters (thicknesses) are usually very surprised when they put on these seem-to-be sunglasses for the first time as their eye sight remains the same but there is no corrective optical glass in the Laser Vision glasses ... at all.
There is no miracle in this, even though it might seem like one. If the stress on ophthalmic muscles is arranged correctly, it is possible to restore lost vision quickly. Laser Vision glasses do just that. The core of this licensed method, used in the manufacturing of these extraordinary glasses, lies in a precise mathematical calculation of the diameter, configuration, and arrangement of a set of small and precise holes in a special plastic that substitute for regular glasses. The holes are arranged on the plastic following a unique laser technology.
The many clinical studies done in medical centres of Ukraine and Russia confirm the operational effectiveness of the Laser Vision glasses for treatment of a near-sightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism, photophobia, and the incipient state of cataracts. Two major findings these studies uncovered were that vision was improved rather quickly - up to a diopter per month, and the process of progressive deterioration of vision was finally made to stop.
For example, commercial and airline pilots who tested the Laser Vision glasses have noticed that consistently, even though often suffering from the constant glare of the sun and of the sunlight's reflection from the instrument panel back into their eyes, they were actually able to feel their eyes relax in this high light, high glare environment. The uncomfortable, irritating, and burning sensations, etc., in their eyes simply never developed.
For a person who works in conditions of artificial lighting for long periods of time, a half-hour session in the Laser Vision glasses completely restores their correct color-sensitivity. After a half-hour session "all colors of the world are shining, as if new!"
As technical progress increasingly strains and stresses our vision (TV and computer use continues to increase and have changed the way we are spending our time), our vision has begun to deteriorate at a more rapid pace. As these technologies force our visual focus into more and more close detail work the muscles of the eye responsible for this are in use almost constantly while the muscles for distance vision, which should be in more dominant use, are almost completely neglected.
Try to remember the last time you looked around and your eyes were relaxed and stress free. A Laser Vision glasses - simulator can return this natural relaxation to you.
But a word of caution. Purchase Laser Vision glasses only from an authorized source, stockist, or outlet. Counterfeits versions have appeared recently, some of them even using the Laser Vision trademark. It is possible to do harm to your vision using glasses of a doubtful origin, glasses that doesn't have Laser Vision medical properties.



Published in the November 2000 edition of the "Family doctor" newspaper,
Simferopol City, Ukraine

Vision, a great gift, has been given by nature to most people. This miracle, to see the world in all varieties of color, the interplay of light, the magnificence of dawn and dusk, for many is impossible. Blindness and poor vision is a reality for thousands of people. More than 2 billion people on a planet use glasses. In advanced countries, one person in four have some degree of myopia or short-sightedness while one in two suffer from hyperopia or the inability to focus on close objects.

In recent years the problems of eye diseases and the deterioration of vision have increased and not without reason. The advances in technology have produced a plethora of devices, television, computers, video games, that have led to an increase in eye fatigue and dry eyes.

This coupled with a diet low in nutrients necessary for healthy vision increases the risk of eye disease and poor vision.
Today, some ophthalmologists believe that glasses should not necessarily be the first response to visual problems. Eye exercises, routine breaks from computer work, dietary changes and supplements, and adequate lighting can assist in vision improvement. It is our contention poor vision can be treated also by Laser Vision training-glasses.

The principle of the action of Laser Vision glasses is based on the well-known physical laws of refraction, aperturing and interference of a light flow. It is important to remember the effect of a diffraction lattice: This increases visual perception at the expense of intensifying waves going through a number of apertures, a diameter and distance between which is comparable with length of waves, falling on an aperture, (the effect of aperturing).

When viewing objects through a small aperture the sharpness of the image is considerably increased. The technique improving vision through a plate with set of dot apertures was offered in the 1950s. Opticians have proved that the manufacture and wearing of dark glasses with precisely located apertures results in the concentration of a light flow that stimulates the retina, and improves accommodation. This effect is used in the Laser Vision glasses.

The therapeutic effect of the application of the glasses is remarkable. Regular using of these glasses for half an hour daily helps to correct defects of vision, and for many leads to correction of the initial defect.
The clinical tests of the glasses, conducted at The Institute of Eye Illnesses of The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy and in the V.P.Filatov Institute, have confirmed their therapeutic properties and efficiency for the patients suffering from a myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, dystrophia of the retina, hypertonia, initial displays of a cataract, asthenopia, and photophobia in any age. Many patients observed improvements of up to one diopter a month while others stopped the progressive deterioration of their vision. The glasses helped to suspend the development of a cataract and glaucoma in their initial stages. They also assisted in controlling eyeball movements in cases of retinal exfoliation.

The glasses are universal and are designed for any age and facial shape (in reference to the distance between the eyes). There are two known contraindications of the Laser Vision glasses, raised intracranial pressure and ophthalmotonus. The therapeutic properties of these glasses do not deteriorate over time unless no damage is sustained to the apertures with a hard object.
The Laser Vision glasses are absolutely harmless, and have magnificent corrective ability.

As such, these glasses have taken a worthy place in the collection of devices used by doctors and ophthalmologists. They are widely recommended by them as a modern treatment and prophylactic means of retaining and improving vision.

However a warning! Recently, cheap fakes of the glasses with the various names and even such which specify the trademark and number of the patent of the Laser Vision have appeared in drugstores. These kinds of forgery have no medical properties and even can bring a harm. Make sure to purchase your glasses from a reputable source. Be aware of fakes!

E. Panfilova, an ophthalmologist


Published in the August 2002 edition of the "Porto Franko" newspaper,
Odessa City, Ukraine

Every three years, an elementary school teacher takes on a new group of first formers and becomes a part of their lives for three years. The teacher's main concern is to see the children healthy and happy, he/she takes care of their development, and tries to instil in them common sense.

Often the teacher will be saddened to see a child becoming tired very quickly, as he squints at the pages or the blackboard. The number of pupils with spectacles in the classroom slowly grows.
It is difficult to believe the statistics that show that one in every three people needs to consult an optician due to poor eyesight and wears glasses. Children are particularly affected as their eye muscles are not fully developed and eyestrain increases year on year.

The reasons for this are numerous. The school curriculum is overloaded, and children have a great deal to read and write. In the course of their work they often use computers, video tape recorders and televisions. After school, rather than relaxing their eyes, they spend time at home using computers and watching TV.

Technological progress has lead to higher incidences of eyestrain. The effect of this is obvious, as Kindergarten children frequently need to visit an optician.
Many older students will testify that they do not have either time or the means to take adequate time of the eyesight. Consequently, spectacles become part of a student's life.
How can we help our children? How can we correct and improve their eyesight? There is a simple and easily accessible solution.

Today, a great many opticians have come to the conclusion that there is no need to immediately prescribe corrective eyeglasses in the case of deteriorated eyesight.
And it really works. After extensive scientific research, this phenomenon has lead to the invention of the lensless training spectacles Laser Vision, which have been clinically proven to help shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and some other eye problems, both in children and adults.

The first reaction to putting on these glasses, which resemble sunglasses, is surprise - you can see as if you were wearing your prescription glasses, even though Laser Vision glasses have no optical lenses. This is because the eye muscles start to work properly, encouraged by the Laser Vision glasses.

Some children from my class wear this new invention and their optician reports positive results. As their teacher, I also notice how the children who wear the glasses are less tired and learn more effectively. Many use the glasses to maintain their eyesight, others improve their vision, and others no longer need their prescription glasses.
The simulator spectacles are simple to use, following the instructions given in the user's manual and daily training of the eye muscles for thirty minutes per day. They can be worn anywhere, at school or kindergarten, and you can read, write and do other work with them.

For families that cannot afford the glasses, they can be shared around the classroom. One pair can be used for 15-20 children.
The glasses are easy to clean and disinfect, therefore they are safe to use. The medical properties of the glasses do no diminish over time, unless their pinholes are damaged with some hard objects.
As with many popular products, it is possible to buy counterfeit Laser Vision glasses. Even though they are made more cheaply, some still carry the Laser Vision trademark. Opticians believe that some of these counterfeit products may be harmful to your vision. People should be wary of these products.

E. V. Lazniuk, an elementary school teacher, methodologist



Published in the May 2003 edition of the "OGO" newspaper,
Odessa City, Ukraine

The first reaction after you put on these glasses is usually one of surprise: you can see in the same way as if you were wearing your customary dioptric eyeglasses. Characters are perceived more clearly and are easily read.
These miraculous glasses, as many specialists have stated, bring your vision back to you, because they work on the principle of training the eyesight. Mrs. Olga Rakul, chairman of the center "Invet", gave them to me to try on. Here is her opinion as a medical practitioner:

According to statistics, every one in three people has to consult an ophthalmologist because of poor eyesight. Dioptric glasses, lenses, eye gymnastics, surgery etc ... all these methods are known to give no guarantee in correcting shortsightedness or farsightedness. This new original invention is a form of salvation for those who now wear glasses.
Many eye problems can be solved by means of Laser Vision training glasses. They are used for the treatment, correction and rehabilitation of vision. The glasses are recommended in cases of shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, at the initial stage of a cataract and after its removal, for the elimination of tension and strengthening of the eye muscles.
Laser Vision glasses help restore normal vision - a belief held both by ophthalmologists and practitioners as well as former patients.

L.I. Rapenkova, a highly qualified doctor and head of the "INVET" medical centre states the following:

Rep.: At a first impression they look like normal sunglasses. Is there any secret to it?

L.I.: There is no secret at all! When you examine objects through a small hole or aperture, the sharpness of the image increases considerably. Even the Ancients knew of this effect. More than once this fact saved the lives of mountain-climbers affected by snow blindness. Looking through a small hole made in any material to hand, at first they could only distinguish the general shape of objects before them, but then, little by little, their vision improved so that they could see further and more clearly. American scientists used this simple fact to invent the so-called lensless "pinhole training glasses". Similarly, the Laser Vision glasses do not have optical lenses. There is a precise number of holes in them with exactly calculated distances between them which have been made on a dark non-transparent plastic using laser technology.

Rep.: How extensively are the glasses used in the world market and when did they appear in your part of the world?

L.I.: The glasses have been supplied to medical rehabilitation and adaptation centres of the USAF since 1991. A short time afterwards they appeared in the market of this country. Nowadays the training glasses are available to almost every American family. In 1995 the product came to the Ukraine. The Ukrainian scientists quickly saw the value of this new medical invention. Now the Laser Vision glasses have been registered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and are authorised for medical use.

Rep.: It has been said that these 'wonder glasses' are rather expensive and when there are several members in a family who are suffering from …

L.I.: Laser Vision glasses are training glasses intended for the whole family. They can help many abnormalities of vision and can be used at any age. The actual distance of the pupils is of no consequence so one set of glasses will be enough for the whole family both for prevention and medical training.
As far as I know there are glasses in the market that very much resemble Laser Vision glasses in appearance but are much cheaper?

L.I.: You are right, the market is overcrowded with foreign and domestic imitations. Every pair of our original glasses (we call ours 'in –house') has up to 7 to 8 imitations. These imitations are much cheaper and can even be found on sale in drug-stores. It is sometimes hard but nevertheless possible to identify these pseudo-products. The company glasses made here have a slightly convex "lens" shape with a strictly fixed radius. The holes (apertures found) in Laser Vision glasses are cone-shaped and widen on the outside.



Published in the April 2003 edition of the "Efir" newspaper,
Kherson City, Ukraine

Is it possible to believe that a man who wears glasses every day with heavy lenses, and who can barely read the second line in the optician's chart, in 3 or 4 months will be able to read letters in the fourth, fifth and even seventh line - without fail and without glasses! It sounds like a dream!
The most recent achievements in medical science are making a reality of many unbelievable stories. The techniques of transplantation are now routine, a simple device 2 inches long is implanted under the skin and makes the heart beat steadily and rhythmically.

Ophthalmology (optometry) has an incredible new reality. The laser beam enables us to dispense with our glasses and the artificial crystalline lens restores sight to the blind. But these are mainly surgical break-through. Is it possible to improve one's eyesight without any general surgery which will specifically enable us to get rid of the prescription glasses?
This question has been answered by our readers who use the Laser Vision glasses:

"I am very grateful to those who have discovered and provided the Laser Vision glasses for us", writes the WWII invalid F.Ya.Tomashevskiy from the Chernigov region. "To tell you the truth, when I heard about them for the first time, I didn't believe that they would have any effect at my age. During my life, every visit I have made to the optician resulted in me buying stronger lenses. The ophthalmologists said I had the initial stage of a cataract and recommended an operation. But for 4 months I religiously kept up with all the exercises and recommendations I found in the Laser Vision glasses Manual. I have been really staggered (amazed) by the results: my eyesight improved from +6.6 to +3.5, and I had no more mist and tension in my eyes. Now, I see perfectly everything around me, I read newspapers and books, and I'm very happy with this result. Every day I wear these glasses to maintain the improvements I have made in my sight. Thanks again for putting me on the road of clear-seeing".

There are hundreds of such letters in our files. They arrive from pensioners and schoolchildren, workers and students.
Another one states:

"We purchased the Laser Vision glasses because our optician had recommended them", Mrs. L.M.Posmitna writes to us from Odessa. "My vision has improved, now I read with +1.5 prescription glasses instead of the +2.5 glasses I had before. But the most impressive effect has been on our grandson. He used to sit for hours and hours in front of the computer, and his eyes began to feel painful, the letters on the screen became blurred. When we tested his sight, both eyes were measured at 0.5.

The optician recommended 15 minutes a day wearing the Laser Vision glasses and gave him some special exercises. Two weeks later our grandson's eyesight had been recovered by 100%. Our joy had no limits... Now, when the child comes to see us he puts on the glasses at once! We are very grateful for the valuable research your company has made and which has brought such joy to our family".
The Laser Vision glasses have helped thousands of people to get rid of their problems with long sight or short sight, and astigmatism. Many opticians believe that no such comparable effect can be achieved by any other known methods of treatment or by surgery. Clearly, it is not without reason that these glasses are certified and recommended by the Health Ministry of the Ukraine.

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