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Clinical Reports

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Clinical Reports
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Extracts of clinical reports of using MEDICAL BLANKET
in Russia’s leading Medical Facilities

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Scientific Research Institute for General Pathology and Pathologic Physiology

“... We conclude:
- The TMB-01 Medical Blanket exerts healthy influence on patients giving them better sense of well-being, higher total and motion activity, better appetite and sleep, both during and after course of treatment. There were no side effects or individual intolerance to the blanket during the entire course of treatment”.

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Neurology Research Institute (NRI), Moscow

“The Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Gymnastics Department of the NRI: The Medical Blanket was used in complex treatment of patients for various Nervous System disorders”.

“... 175 (83.3%) of 210 patients with Psycho-emotional Stress Syndrome reported significant improvement in mental activity, higher mood, and better emotional tone and mental state”.

“... 63 (70%) of 90 patients with Pain Syndrome of various intensities experienced lower pain”.

Health Ministry of the Russian Federation,
Moscow Mobile Multifield Hospital “Rescue and First Aid” of the All-Russian
Disaster Medicine Center

“The use of the Medical Blanket has actually resulted in earlier improvement of patients’ condition. 80% of patients from the survey group reported earlier (3-4 days) and more apparent pain relief after combined treatment with the TMB-01 Medical Blanket.

This has allowed reduction, both in terms of taking pain-killers and in their dosage, by 1.2-1.4 times. As a result, patients (who used Medical Blanket) were released from the hospital earlier, compared with the other [control] group treated without the Medical Blanket.

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Mental Health Research Center (MHRC), Moscow

“... In our Mental Health Research Center the TMB-01 Medical Blanket is used in complex therapy of patients suffering from sluggish mental disorder and borderline mental disorders... The clinical trials show that the complex therapy is more effective when combined with the TMB-01 ...”

Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Scientific Center for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Moscow

“The TMB-01 clinical trials have shown that the effects from total wrapping of patients with the blanket were more apparent and included lower intensity of neurotic reactions, lower emotional and vascular instability, higher temperature in the limbs (before treatment on average 1.5oC below normal) and the normalization of arterial blood pressure”.

Statistical outcomes of TMB-Therapy
Disease CategoryImprovement, %Partial improvement, %Unchanged, %
Cardiovascular Diseases 46 48 6
Respiratory System Diseases 82 10 8
Digestive System Diseases 76 24 0
Musculoskeletal System Diseases 58 42 0
Metabolic and Involutional Disorders 40 40 20
Brain Disorders and Traumas 83 17 0
Peripheral Nervous System Disorders 92 8 0
Autonomic Nervous System Disorders 86 14 0
Neuroses 71 16 13



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