Saving Program for a familiarization with biofeedback devices

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Saving Program

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Saving Program
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      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

Allow us to introduce you to the Saving Program, which is meant both for healthcare practitioners
and non-professionals, who are not familiar with the ENART biofeedback technology.

Saving Program is a special payment plan, which does not require 100% of investment,
and which was worked out for those customers, who wish to get acquainted with the biofeedback technology,
but have some doubts.

This payment plan covers the models ENART 900 series - ENART 907 and ENART 911.

The essence of the program is that each of the models mentioned above is represented in several versions
level 0 - L0, level 1 - L1 and level 2 - L2.

 Level 0 - L0  Level 1 - L1  Level 2 - L2
 ENART 907-L0 (Home)  ENART 907-L1 (Semi-professional)  ENART 907-L2 (Professional)
   ENART 911-L1 (Semi-professional)  ENART 911-L2 (Professional)

You may purchase any of the devices you are interested in represented in one of the reduced versions – L0 or L1,
which feature the basic set of functions specific for each particular model.

After having got acquainted with the technology and seeing its effectiveness for yourself, if you wish
you will always be able to upgrade your device to the next version L1 or L2
without having to send the device to the manufacturer!

Thus you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the technology without having to pay the full amount
for the device at once.

We produce ENART biofeedback devices with the sense of great responsibility and put heart in it.

We are dedicated to developing the best device, which would be affordable to each and every person.

Many people all around the world have already shared their grateful testimonials with us, informing in what way ENART had helped them.

We care for ENART to become affordable to each and every person and are hopeful that this technology will enter
your life becoming your home doctor capable of helping in solving different medical problems, which at times may
seem unsolvable.

In fact the answer is simple: panacea is in ourselves.

Allow the ENART device to open yourself and heal your body by means of your own spare potential.


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ENART device is a multiple-purpose device, which offers the best of both SCENAR and PROLOGUE devices.






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