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  I have been using the ENART 906 everyday and night and yesterday my mum visited who has a very bad case of Tennis Elbow, after four sessions over 12 hours her arm was no longer tender nor sore (using Diagnost and Constant Modes) and afterwards I was able to massage the tendon so to help break down the calcium build up.
  The ENART on me has started to take away the pain throughout my body, I have many symptoms and major Pain Zones because of playing far too many sports and not enough resting between the various activities and not getting the injuries gained fixed.
Even yoga has been too painful for the past year, but this week I feel I can get back to yoga (yes that quickly), the ENART is certainly making a difference, last night was my 1st full night unbroken sleep for a year at least.
 Having the ENART at home and ready to use any time is definitely an advantage.

Ray Mashiter, United Kingdom


I had given myself an ENART treatment about 8 hours before my surgery - on my right knee that was aching a bit.
The surgery was on my left foot.
I did not have any pain for over 24 hours and then only minor pain. I had been set up for morphine drip after surgery and it was eventually removed unused. The nurses were amazed!

Nanette nderson, Australia

I have used the ENART mostly on myself but occasionally on friends here in France or in UK and Ireland with Musculo skeletal problems. Whenever I have localized pain e.g. in my neck or lower back I find a prolonged treatment at night works very well.
My Grandson aged 9 in Ireland had head pains for which he received X rays, MRI scans and all sorts of investigations. I found he was a keen footballer and the base of his skull was very painful from heading the ball. He actually had neuralgia of the great occipital nerve - a common cause of headache. A short course of treatment with the ENART plus explanation rapidly cured the problem.

Alan Byron, France

Your company has maintained the highest integrity of any of the companies that I have seen in the scenar, enart business.
This is extremely important to me because I believe that a device made and delivered with integrity will bring better results to individuals.
I truly believe that your intention is to help people help themselves and you do deliver the best device on the market.

Tami Draper, USA

I am using the ENART device every day in my clinic - collecting information and gaining understanding on how best to apply the device.
Also I am beginning to get a sense of when the patient has had enough treatment - when the body has started to respond and the initiation of changes in the body are occurring.
I did not expect this to happen but I am developing an empathy with the 906, a kind of unification of mind and machine as we are working together. Very exciting.

Alastair McLoughlin, UK

Recently I had dental work and by that evening the tooth was very sensitive to hot and cold. After dinner, the whole jaw became extremely painful and I am thankful that I had the ENART! Within about 20 minutes it took away that awful pain and it hasn't come back.
Many thanks for your continued support

Pat Victor, USA

Some of the clients I see have got these results:
I have been seeing a 17-year-old young lady that had scoliosis to the extent that her physical body was crooked. I have been seeing her since November of 2006 using the Scenar until I got the Enart in January. Her hips are now almost even and she can stand up straight. There were more results in 2 sessions with the Enart doing the three path ways, sciatic release, and SCM than the 2 months we had been using the Scenar device.

Another gentleman’s right ankle was locked, he had no mobility at all. We have been working with the Scenar for about 4 months and had made a slight improvement. One session with the Enart gave him more mobility than he had been able to ever get.

Another Lady has 3 herniated disks in her lumbar. Debilitating pain all the time, I had seen her about 4 years ago and within a few months made a slight improvement with the Scenar, but was never able to keep the pain away for longer than a day or two. I started seeing her again after I got the Enart. Within three weeks she has been able to minimize the pain from 10 to about 2-3 on a daily basis lasting 5-6 days at a time.

A 23-year-old female was in a car accident and her head hit the windshield. She had severe pain in her head and face. I used the Scenar and did not get a permanent release of the pain. One treatment including the trigeminal nerves and the sternoclydomastoid and the pain has not returned.

I see approximately 25 clients a week using the devices. I use the devices with the meridians and the five elements as well as the treatment areas on the trunk of the body. I have not had a client that has not had noticeably better results with the Enart than the Scenar. I would be happy to send you as many results as you want.

Tami Draper, USA

I also have a customer who is very impressed with the Enart technology. It was fascinating to see his face change from a dark greyish color with hardened wrinkles to a much smoother healthy pinkish color in less than a week! Wow! I should have taken pictures before and after.

He had some kind of a Urinary bladder problem that he was hesitant to tell me about. He has ongoing problems with infections in his teeth and has taken course after course of anti-biotics over the past few years.

According to Chinese Medicine anti-biotics are extremely cold by nature and therefore very damaging to the Kidney-Urinary bladder organ system.

A kidney/bladder problem will also show as a greyish/black hue to the complexion.

I let him treat himself with my Enart, by showing him the areas to treat. The first few days I didn't tell him how to find the trigger points. Then I showed him how to find the trigger points and he was even more amazed at the different sensations and capabilities of the machine.

Thank you so much for what you are doing and the technology you sell. May God bless you for the services you are providing.

Katherine Chicoine, Canada

The latest 'miraculous' recovery is a client who injured her elbow and shoulder in a fall last December. For 2 months she had been having physiotherapy with another practitioner and was using our hydrotherapy pool for exercise only. There had been almost no improvement in the degree of movement in her arm. Flexion was assessed at 30%. After the first ENART treatment, her physiotherapist was surprised to find it had increased to 35% and after the third session it was 55 %.

Progress has continued and the client has been keen to return to work part time despite her medical doctor’s advice that with this type of injury she should not contemplate returning to work at all this year. Her arm now has almost full flexion to straighten it, touch her opposite ear, or shoulder and to reach behind to touch her fingers. Her pain levels have improved and she is now optimistic of being able to return to work in a very much shorter time than expected.

My client has made remarkable progress in dealing with severe depression (6 sessions only so far and I see her every two weeks or so). Her medication has been reduced and mental clarity – assessed using 12 different questions on a 0 to 10 scale- has improved by 50%.

A number of other clients have had similar improvements with mental clarity within 6 sessions. Quality of life as assessed by similar scales also shows a rapid response to ENART indicating an improvement in energy levels and motivation.

Another client was diagnosed with a large mass in the gall bladder - diagnosed as a gallstone fixed to the wall of the organ and est 3cm by 2.5cm. After 3 sessions ENART she presented for surgery (no further tests done) and the report said that the gall bladder (removed) "was clear"!

Another client had gallstones that were being tracked with ultrasound prior to surgery. After 2 ENART sessions and a sudden bout of severe pain they had entirely disappeared - to the amazement of her doctor and the ultrasound technician.

Nanette nderson, Australia

Thank you very much, my client has already seen more hair near his forehead. He also experienced a sore on his finger heal after 3 days of using the SCENAR.
I injured my hamstring muscle running on July 4th, the pain was very bad and I could not sit or walk without extreme difficulty.
I was instructed by R. C. on how to use my ENART with the acupuncture probe on the muscle attachment and on the area of acute pain.
By Friday July 11, I could sit down and walk freely. I did not need to take my pain medication that the doctor gave me.

Wesley Sen, USA

I am very happy with the Enart and am glad that I did not buy any other device.... the Enart is much more user friendly and effective as one can use all the probes and the information received is easy to interpret.
I have used the digital readout in Constant mode most effectively and I find it much more user friendly than the Scenar.
I have had great success with the Enart and am very pleased that I did not buy a Scenar 97.4...
I find the Enart more USER FRIENDLY and in the Constant mode it is possible to get an I/R to use. Scenar does not have this facility.
Also running on 2 AA batteries is much better.
Also less fragile and in the "CONSTANT" mode it is possible to see the ongoing reaction.
I am sure that I will have much more success after more experience as I am not a practitioner but an airline pilot!!!
I am delighted with the Enart 801.
Thanks for all your help and notes that you have sent me.
Your Enart is still working well and helping me and others. I am very pleased with it. I particularly like its design and weight, enabling the operator to get a good grip and firmly placing the electrodes.

Andy Coverdale, South Korea

The Enart and Scenar devices are the only two devices known that actually stimulate the neuropeptides giving the body the ability to activate its own endorphins.

The pharmaceuticals due a fine job in cutting the communication to the cells by giving a false sense of balance through synthetic compounds.

Therefore, if the goal is to have a false sense of relief the pharmaceuticals gives the body the opportunity to ignore the in deterioration process creating it to deteriorate to continue.

With the Enart device there is the ability to awaken the process of regeneration without a synthetic substance and allow the cells to regenerate at a higher vibration.

Tami Draper, USA

It has been frustrating to me to see all of the "want-to-be's" and other companies that copied the device and is now trying to market them.

I have been working with the Scenar since 2002 and have seen remarkable results for people using the device. The short time that I was able to use the Enart I found it to be a pleasure to work with and even more positive results.

Many people have become sceptical in purchasing simply because I wanted find a company that did have integrity and did have original devices. I strongly believe that your company fits that profile and I am honored to have the privilege of being able to work with you and allow others to purchase the devices for themselves.

Tami Draper, USA

I have used the Enart with great success for Pains in the Back in the Lower parts by myself and by a Friend with much pain, I give about freq 60 Herz low, Intens level 3, Alternate and Interval later on level 5.

In two days the pain is gone.
But you see I work so much as possible on my feelings what is right in the healing process. Working with books and so on, I don't like it so much, so its pioneering what I do on the body, but so I can understand what the Enart is doing, how it feels, and so it's giing very well!

Thanks again.

Raymond van der WEELE, Netherlands

I just want to thank you for your healing blanket & the Enart 801 V5.
My 99 year-old mother broke her rib & had a tooth abscess. I have used Enart 801 to the best of my ability & wrapped her in the blanket a lot. This morning she walked to the table for breakfast after severl days of agony. She still moans a bit with some movements, like climbing into bed. I'm sure she would like to be on the other side, but she is so determined to do everything herself I'm sure she'll live a lot longer then she'd like. As she's blind now & her hearing is slowly going, but she still listens to the radio a lot & can tell you what’s going on in the world.

Shirley Perrett, Canada

On the Human side the Blanket has a great calming effect on people and a feeling of a refreshed rest.
The Enart is having good results on arthritic joints.
Betty (my mother) uses it on her knees and report that they give less pain through the day (and her activity shows it) and she sleeps better with less pain. Betty also finds it easier to get up in the morning "it takes less time to get started" a generally less joint pain start to the day.
My brother finds the Enart relaxes and de-stresses him when he uses it to massage his neck and forehead.
I use it for general strains to muscles and joints I get from work, it tends to get rid of them quickly making them less of a problem. I also use it on eczema I get on my legs. It seems to be reducing the amounts of flair ups I get so I don't need to use treatment creams as much as I used to.
So all in all although we are not up to speed on using them we are getting positive results from both the Blanket and the Enart. Friends and family who call to see us have used the Enart and most report that they had some benefits from using it.

Darren Brown, UK

With regards to my purchase with you. I am very pleased with the Enart device. It is very effective.
The Therapeutic Blanket is amazing.
I have had great success with pain control, removing pain almost instantly.
I have worked on the shoulder of a man who had a painful complaint for over 18 months. 6 treatments, over 6 days, and he is now pain free and does not need an operation. He has been free of pain now for several weeks.

Kathleen Gainey, France

First of all thanks for answering all my questions.
After just a week of utilizing the Enart 801V5, and being no experienced myself at all, I must say that the results are more than satisfying. The device is very easy to use, and after a while, even its most complicated aspects become easily readable and applied. All my family is using it. My mother years-old knee-joint pain diminished considerably after one session, and I'm confident it will disappear with few more sessions.

Paolo Rizzo, Italy


Just to let you know I am using my Enart 801V5 device and am having fantastic results with it. I have really noticed a difference and it seems much more powerful than the InterX5000 that I was using. I am finding it really easy to use but would like to order the roller to use with it.
October 31, 2005

I am at present collecting testimonials from people who have received treatment with the Enart 801V5. I have to say that the success with the Enart is far higher than when using the InterX5000 and now do not use the InterX at all.
May 3, 2006

Gill Robertson, UK
I am satisfied with the results from my instrument. I have used it in conjunction with my magnetic therapies to remove pain, and it works very well.

Greetings. I have been working with my "Enart RI" for quite some time now and the results of this machine are very satisfactory. I feel like moving up to a more sophisticated/professional model. I still work on my "pain elimination" practice.

Pedro Alicea, Puerto Rico

The Enart RI seems to have made an improvement in my sinus condition... I think the fact that the Enart device improves and stimulates circulation of the blood helps the body recover wellbeing.

David Heaton, UK

In spite of unseasonal drop in the sea temperature to 15C0 I took the plunge four times. At 82 I swim 1K. regularly to prove that longevity is possible without degeneration.
Over-confidence resulted that evening in a running nose and some discomfort, which lasted only 24 hrs. thanks to Enart RI and TMB.

Morris Ishay, Australia

We have been using the Scenar with great results.
Our most spectacular success so far has been the reversal of a double D Scoliosis of the spine.

Jeremy Bowler, Australia

I bought a Scenar device 3 months ago. I have been using the device with a great seccess. I am very excited with the result with the Scenar treatment. You said to me that the best thing to do is to buy and try one before anything. Now I am sure the device is wonderful.

Ruben Celis, Australia



I have used the instruments on several patients with good results. One a 6 year old with enuresis, two treatments. She was dry the night after the first treatment. One shoulder bursitis, which was much better after one treatment. One low back pain was much better.
I Thank you and so do my patients.

Dr. Vern, USA

My first experience with the Enart device has been very successful, and I'm very satisfied with the purchase of this machine.

Fritz Hemmerich, Spain

I currently use a Scenar in my London practice and have for the past year. I have had very good results.

Jane Albright, UK

In February of this year, I purchased a Scenar from you.
I really enjoyed using the Scenar ever since then, as it has helped me so much.

Janet Lucius, USA

I have been the lucky participant in a Scenar trial. It has changed my life. I have suffered chronic pain for 25 years in my back that was relieved with one treatment. Other areas have required more treatments to relieve the pain. This is the most amazing tool I have ever seen or used.

Serrah Skye Smith, USA

Thank you for sending the Scenar equipment so quickly.
Since I purchased the Scenar, I am impressed with both its effectiveness and accessibility. I have only used it with relatives and friends, and mainly for tendonitis, arthritis, pulled Achilles tendon, headaches and so on. In every single case the Scenar had a very positive effect especially with muscular-skeletal problems.
The tendonitis disappeared completely after about 20 sessions, the headaches were relieved very quickly and all of the other times it was used, it had a great effect.
I have also had some good results with Prologue. Prologue has been effective treating facial pain, including toothache.
All the products I have bought (Scenar, Prologue & Laser Vision glasses) work extremely well and are very effective.

Mike Kleinsteuber, UK


I am pleased to tell you that we have had a degree of success with the device, in cases from broken ankles to emotional issues to gout. We think it depends on the open mindedness of the patient as to the outcome of the treatment.

Dacre Selby, UK

I work on horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, and cattle. I have used the Skenar with good success on horses, dogs and cats. I usually treat an average of 20 animals a day and I use the Skenar on at least 3 to 5 animals a day. I am using my model on animals and on myself.
I am getting good results.
I have received the Prologue and have been getting good usage out of it. It seems to be a very reliable instrument. I like the attachable probe to use on specific acupuncture points.

Dean Bader, USA


I must thank you for introducing the Scenar to me. It's a wonderful device. I have used it on my patients with good results.

Adrian Chua, Singapore


I must say that I am impressed and delighted with your products and your service. You will be hearing from us again in the future. Please feel free to use my name and telephone number as a reference for other North American customers that you may have.

Peter Swinnerton, Canada


We make instrumentation for various arthroscopic surgeries, mainly shoulder and knee. I am also a part time health practitioner and have had an interest in alternative health for many years. I am happy with the Scenar.
I have recommended your company and devices to friends and colleagues. Personally, I have used the Scenar successfully for toothache and sinus problems so far and am most impressed.

Bill Nutting, USA


This is great, I just had a treatment. I do thank you and I am sure that your web page will be on top of my list.

Leroy Sedillo, USA


Today I received your parcel. I thank you very much for the quick delivery. In the past I have already bought a Scenar and 2 medical blankets. I have some patients who are interested in your products too.

Hans Kuijt, Netherlands


I have a Scenar and I love it. I have MS & have muscle cramps. It has been a lifesaver for me. I am interested in one for my grandson.

Winifred DuPriest, USA

 As an update to prior conversations, my son with the special needs is named Andrew. Through much patience on all our parts, we are learning how to help him better. It's a slow process, but we're learning how to slowly improve his sensitivity to the Enart and he's even beginning to look forward to his treatments. As Andrew's endurance improves, so does his sleeping pttern and his mood swings. Even his school teachers have recognized an improvement. We couldn't be happier. Thank you again for your previous words of encouragement! Our only problem now is all our children want the more frequent treatments! You should see them lining up at the door conjuring phantom aches and pains so they can have their turn. It's quite amusing!

Thank you so much for thinking of my family’s needs and me. I am touched by your thoughtfulness.

With best regards,

Toni Cook, USA

My name is Vladislav Nasarov. In 1994, at the age of 45, I was involved in an accident. I sustained concussion of the brain, fractures to my left collar-bone and 11 ribs.
I received surgery for my injuries, but despite this two years after the accident, I couldn't walk without the aid of crutches.


Doctors have diagnosed osteochondrosis of the lumbosacrum, joint arthrosis and right side plexitis. In addition, I had poor appetite, asthenia and depression.
After treatment with ENART devices and TMB, I felt much better. In particular, I had more energy, and improved flexibility of my spine. Pains that I experienced around my knee and abdomen lessened to the extent that I was able to lie on my stomach - a position previously too painful.
I found using crutches difficult because of strong muscle pains in my legs. However, after the treatment, my left leg pain disappeared and the pain in my right leg decreased considerably (before I came to the Centre it was unbearable). Also the mobility of my right hip has increased considerably.

Nowdays, I am able to stand on my bad leg which I couldn't before. My mobility increased to the extent that after the first 15-days sessions I was able to walk with a stick.
The effectiveness of ENART treatment is evident to me as medicines did not provide such an improvement. I believe that this kind of treatment should be promoted to enable patients unaware of its existence the ability to use it. I am sure ENART is future of the medicine.

Vladislav Nasarov, Ukraine


I came for treatment suffering from bad headaches and pain in the neck and lumbar parts of my backbone. After the third ENART session I felt better, as the pain had decreased. I believe I was cured after 10 sessions as I feel much better and am pain free. I'm so thankful to the INVET Centre doctors for their attention and thoughtfulness in regard to my claims and illness.

M.N. Syabruk, Ukraine


Within the last two years I suffered from headache as a result of high blood pressure. However after ENART treatment in the INVET Centre I feel much better. My gratitude to all medical personnel!

E.I. Kovaltchuk, Ukraine


Treatment by ENART devices provided a noticeable difference in condition of my knee joint (my diagnosis was deforming arthrosis).
I am so thankful to medical personnel of INVET and so impressed by the device that I have decided to purchase one for myself.

I. Lubits, Ukraine


For many years I am suffering from lumbosacral pain which has radiated down my right leg. I arrived for the first treatment with the aid of a walking stick and my wife. After the second session, I came alone. After the fifth session, I am happy to say, I was pain free and walking normally. I do like this kind of treatment.

A.A. Kovalenko, a former patient, Ukraine


My name is U.N. Rakul. I am a former patient. I got SCENAR treatment and feel well after ten sessions. I wish all the best to the team of INVET Centre.

U.N. Rakul, Ukraine


I have suffered from radiculitis for thirty years. Several times I was treated at sanatorium and I've never seen such an effect like after Scenar treatment. I felt considerable improvement after twelve sessions.

T.F. Bobrov, Ukraine


I came for treatment due to degenerative joint disease. I got 15 ENART sessions and feel much better, in fact, I have no pain at all.

V. Zaveryukha, Ukraine


I am sharing my experience in the hope that it may help others. My nine year old daughter had, for the past two years suffered from encopresis. Regardless of the use of drugs and physical therapy the problem persisted. It was embarrassing for my daughter and worried us tremendously.
Ready to try anything to help our child, we took her to a medical center where they treat with ENART devices. I didn't know what this meant but simply decided to seize the opportunity. Following treatment, her bowel movements gradually returned to normal. What a change in her behaviour. Gone was the shy, sad child afraid to leave the house. After the third session my girl became loud and talkative self. I am so much obliged to those people who brought joy back to my home.

S. Shashkova, Ukraine


I was suffering from right hip pain. After ten sessions at INVET medical Centre, I felt considerable pain relief. I hope after some time the progress will be even more.

T.A. Grineva, Ukraine


I had pains in my back. I was short tempered and anxious. After seven ENART sessions I felt relief in pain I experienced in my upper back, an improvement in my sense of well-being and my appetite. Best of all I became my cheerful self not afraid to tackle anything!

Mokanu, Ukraine


For many years, I have experienced gastric problems. I've had gastritis, hepatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. I was a mess; my skin looked awful, I couldn't sleep and was constantly stressed. Following treatment with Scenar therapy, my condition has improved dramatically. My stress levels have reduced, I sleep at night, my skin condition has improved and my gastric problems are minimal! Thank you so much.

V.I. Knop, Ukraine


I came for treatment due to osteoarthritis in my knee joint. Because my right leg couldn't straighten I was lame when walking.
I found it difficult to go up- and downstairs. After 15 sessions both knees work equally. I'm not lame at all. I'm complitely satisfied with the rendered assistance. The deal was about my knee operation, wasn't it? And nobody guaranteed complete recovery. I suppose the method is very good one, neither side-effect nor pricks or puncture of joints there. And you don't take any pills as well.

Krivtsova, Ukraine


I have suffered with neck pain due to osteochondrosis, and prostatitis. Following ten treatment sessions at the clinic, my neck feels much better and my prostatitis does not disturb me.

V.I. Byrachenko, Ukraine


I have been sick for some 15 to 20 years. I suffer from vertigo, nervousness and insomnia. I have had 15 sessions with the Scenar device. I feel better, less dizzy and more relaxed. I am sleeping much better and have noticed an improvement in my appetite.

V.I. Belous, Ukraine


I knew little about this clinic, before being treated here. I have degeneration of the discs in my spine and have terrible back pain. I couldn't sit, stand or lie down without pain. Pain killers helped for a while but only gave me temporary relief. Following a course of treatment at ENART clinic, I have relief from pain for the first time in years. I actually find myself crying with gratitude. I'm so thankful to all employees of the clinic for their attitude, hard work, courtesy and most of all, their honesty. God bless them for further prosperity in their very needed work.
Best regards from me and my family.

The Vishnyakovs, Ukraine


At seventy years of age, I was severely afflicted with radiculitis. I have received various drugs and treatments but none of them have been very effective. So when I heard about the INVET center where they treat without medicine, I decided to give it a try. During the consultation I was told the principles of ENART and TMB treatment. The doctor did not promise to remove all my problems however he said that there would be a definite progress. Every day I had an hour session of treatment. One day passed, two, three and no result! Nevertheless I decided to proceed. The improvement came after the seventh session only but it was a considerable one and after the tenth session I could move freely. Six months have passed and now I can do simple gym exercises but the point is that I don't feel old anymore! It was my first time that I was treated without any medicine. I was surprised with the fact that the arthritis in my knee and in my shoulder and some eczema went along with my radiculitis! I'm sure that the treatment with ENART devices is very effective and harmless. I'm a pensioner and don't work, my pocket isn't big but I never regret that I got treatment by this new method.
I'm so thankful to all doctors of the centre for their work aimed to provide welfare of people.

G.I. Popov, Ukraine 

Medical Blankets

I am happy for you to use my comments on the Blankets.
I have had my good for a couple of weeks now, and want to tell you what I think about them.
The Blankets have been most successful. Every person who has used one of them (mainly to sleep on) has reported better sleep and feeling much more energetic when they wake up in the morning.
I already was using a blanket of this type to sleep on, and had found that it also has reduced my arthritic pain, and this is why I recommended using it as an underblanket.
They really do make a big difference to energy and pain levels. I do appreciate waking up without a stiff back! I will be ordering more soon.

Thank you!

Judith Mcfadden, Australia


I would be happy to provide a testimonial for the Blanket. The Blankets work just great. We are getting good use of the Blankets here.
I will most likely place another order before too long. I really enjoy all your business has to offer.
Warm regards,

Lyn Hamilton, New Zealand


My wife has been using the blanket to treat her problems and also to clam her nerves. without being too specific she reports feeling better each time she uses the blanket.

Paul Lovelady, USA

I am interested in your products which you advertise on your website. These products are impressive. I have a friend who is currently being treated with both the Scenar and medical blanket products and she is very happy with the results.

Edith Caroto, South Africa

Laser Vision Glasses

I received the glasses today. Thank you for all your help. I will tell my friends of your excellent products and good service.

Marjorie Isaacs, USA

I am interested in finding out the price of the Laser Vision glasses. I have a pair and want to buy a pair for a friend. They really do work to improve my vision.

Ellie Schirra, USA

I did receive Laser Vision and I am now using them for 30 minutes daily. I have seen some improvements in two weeks. Thank you once again for your prompt delivery.

Ralph Jagodka, USA

Thank you for the 5 pairs of Laser Vision glasses that arrived this morning. I think everybody here has tried them on! I can certainly see more clearly with them on. I will take them home and do the exercises so I can throw away my glasses in a month or two.

Roger Meacock, UK

I am satisfied with my purchases. The laser glasses are just magic. Two people tried them who wore glasses for 15 years and yet could read fine print with the laser glasses! Just amazing.

Robert Beheit, South Australia

Since we had purchased Laser Vision glasses last autumn, we – and we're three in the family - haven't stopped using them. Every one has had his or her personal impression and sensations but the eye conditions we have are serious and different, too. My husband suffers with the left eye cataract and has his right lens replaced but wearing the glasses has stopped any further deterioration and he still drives the car. Me, I have the right eye cataract. We realize that one ought not to expect quick results, so we keep making those exercises and instructions included in the ''Laser Vision User's Manual". My granddaughter's vision, she's 11 years old, had improved, too. She had slight myopia and now her vision is normal.
Thank you very much for your care. Sincerely yours, the Prikhodchenkos.

N.I. Prikhodchenko, city of Melitopol, Ukraine

The Laser Vision glasses we had bought from you were very useful for all our family. We use for approximately 2 hours a day and we noticed some improvement in visual acuity. We are very thankful to you.
Best regards, the Roochiy family.

P.S. Roochiy, Poltava region, Ukraine

I'm 53 years old and I'm electric welder. By my 50s, my vision had gone worse and I was forced to buy +2.5 glasses. When I heard about the Laser Vision glasses I called your enterprise and soon I received a pair. For 4 months I wear them to watch television for half an hour.Usually I have one or two days break a week. So, now I can report an improvement in my vision.

D. Menklebey, city of Donetsk, Ukraine

I want to express my thanks to all those who had worked out the Laser Vision glasses. They made me forget what is pain or strain in my eyes. Now, I can watch TV, or read, or make my studies until late at night.
Because of the Laser Vision glasses, a sensation that my overstrained eyes would burst is no longer present.
Sincerely yours,

Kathrin Gerchen'uk, Odessa region, Ukraine

I am 60. I damaged my eyesight when I was a child, as I did my schoolwork using a kerosene lamp. All my life I have studied and worked on tracings and drawings as I am a naval architect and engineer. I used to read without glasses but could barely see past the end of my nose. I required glasses for long distance vision but found it difficult to read while wearing them. Last year I had a suspected glaucoma.
It's been a year since I've started to use Laser Vision glasses.
I do the exercises several times a day. And find now that I am better able to read when wearing my normal glasses. It is important to persevere with the glasses and exercises. They can cause no harm only benefits. These glasses are quite expensive for a pensioner but I do not regret buying them. The main point is not to be lazy, not to lose one's hope of success and not to forget to use the glasses.
Sincerely yours,

Rimma Kourshina, city of Feodosia, Ukraine

Hello, dear members of the INVET!
I bought the training glasses from you and was using them regularly. Now my vision has stopped getting worse. Before I couldn't recognise people even when they were only 5 metres away, I could only make out their voices. Right now I'm fine, I know people again, I plant in my kitchen garden and work in it by myself. Before, I had to hire workers to do the weeding, as I couldn't see a thing. I thank you very much for these glasses. Two people in my village told me they wanted to buy them, too. One man needs them for himself; the other would like them for his daughter, a schoolgirl. So, I am a good advertisement for you in my village. It also seems that my cataract has stopped developing, so I will keep on using my favorite glasses.
Thanks a lot once again, you make us, the aged, glad and happy because we recover our health!
Yours truly,

Ye. D. Gradnikova, Mykolayiv region, Ukraine

So many thanks for these wonderful glasses called Laser Vision! It's a real miracle! In January and February, I put them on and read every evening for 30 minutes. The inevitable occurred! I need no glasses now to read. Laser Vision contributed to recover my vision. I'm kindly grateful. Good luck!
Sincerely yours,

V. K. Vitkovska, city of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Two months ago I purchased the Laser Vision training glasses from INVET. All this time I used them two times a day for 30 minutes and did special eye exercises but did not use my eye bath. My vision was + 2 and went up to +1. I am still using the Laser Vision glasses.

V. N. Kovalenko, city of Lugansk, Ukraine

I thank the center "INVET" for taking care of people health problems and this comes from the bottom of my heart. Four years ago I purchased the Laser Vision medical glasses (I would rather call them training glasses). And I came to buy them again, this time for my aunty who visited me and was curious about these 'strange glasses with holes'. She took them to try on and became charmed and dizzy. 'I see, I see the small letters on the screen. I've never been able to read them. And to watch a film, I had to seat so close that I blocked others from viewing'. My aunt was delighted with them. To please her, I decided to give her a pair for her birthday.
Four years ago I had astigmatism and shortsightedness -3 in both eyes. Now it is -0.75, but I really do not have time to do the exercises and the myopia may get worse. So now I watch TV and work on the computer with the Laser Vision glasses on. I would like to express my undying gratitude for this miraculous trainer, a painless and effective remedy for vision problems.
Sincerely yours,

Yulia Gerasimenko, city of Odessa, Ukraine

I express my heartfelt thanks to the inventor of the Laser Vision glasses. To tell you the truth, when I first got to know about these glasses, I could not believe that at my age even minor effect was possible. Each time after I visited my optician I just have to change my current lenses for stronger ones. Moreover, my hospital doctor told me once that I had an incipient cataract and recommended an operation. Year after year my eyesight has deteriorated… Until I acquired the Laser Vision glasses.
For four straight months I strictly followed all the recommendations and did all the exercises that came from you with the glasses. And the effect of wearing the Laser Vision has been striking. My eyesight has improved from +6.5D up to +3.5D, and the mist before my eyes and my eyestrain have disappeared. I can now see things around me perfectly, can read newspapers and books, and also watch TV. I am very pleased with the results and continue to wear my favorite glasses every day for further improvement of my eyesight.
Many thanks for these miraculous glasses.
Faithfully yours,

F. I. Tomashevsky, veteran of the Second World War, Chernigov region, Ukraine

I purchased Laser Vision glasses on my optician's advice. Since then my vision has been improving. Now for reading I can use +1.5D glasses while before I wore +2.5D.
Our grandson has benefited a great deal from wearing Laser Vision. He spent hours sitting at the computer, letters and figures became blurred so that he could hardly read them and his eyes smarted. When we examined his eyesight, it was 20/40 in both eyes. The optician recommended our grandson to do the prescribed exercises and to wear Laser Vision glasses each day for 15 minutes. In two weeks our grandson's vision became normal. Our joy was boundless because this is the Laser Vision that helped him so much. And now, when our grandson comes to see us, he usually hastens to use the Laser Vision glasses and even reads with them.
Many thanks to the firm for these training glasses that brought joy to our family.

L. M. Posmitnaya, city of Odessa, Ukraine

My little daughter had a medium myopia and myopic astigmatism. As soon as I heard about the miraculous Laser Vision glasses, I took her to the optician's consultation room where she used these glasses each day for a month, for thirty minutes.
During this time, my daughter's eyesight improved by 50%. But after we stopped doing the exercises, her eyesight began to get worse again. I realized that you needed to wear the glasses for half an hour every day, like morning exercises. So I decided to buy a pair for my family use. I saw a lot of similar pin-holed glasses in various shops and drugstores but was afraid to buy a counterfeit. Our optician told me where the Consultative & Commercial Centre "INVET" can be found, and I bought them there. I did so because this is the only known dealer in the Ukraine that sells Laser Vision glasses of the best brand, because they have shown their high efficacy on correcting my daughter's eyesight and also because I do not want to risk my daughter's health. Now her eyesight is normal, but she continues to regularly wear the glasses, as all other members of my family do, to keep, correct and improve their eyesight.
Many thanks to the creators of this wonderful eye instrument.

N. A. Fedorchuk, Odessa region, Ukraine

Can you please send me another pair of Laser Vision glasses (for my relatives). In my personal experience, they are really effective. Despite the negative opinions of many opticians who deny their effectiveness, the use of these glasses has allowed me to improve 5 units of astigmatism.
And finally, why do you not advertise Laser Vision worldwide? There are so many people, especially children, who suffer from eyesight conditions!

N.I. Khudenko, city of Kryvyj Rig, Ukraine

During the past few years my vision has deteriorated considerably. I have been examined and tested thoroughly and followed any prescribed treatment. However, my vision did not improve. On the contrary, it seemed to get worse. My last prescription glasses were - 10 diopter. A friend introduced me to a doctor who advised me to use Laser Vision glasses. After four months of continual use there has been a marked improvement in my eyesight. Today my prescription glasses are -6d, however I continue to use the Laser Vision glasses as much as possible as I am afraid that my sight may not continue to improve or worse still deteriorate. Laser Vision not only improves my eyesight but also my visual perception is sharper; things are clearer and colours more alive.

Now when I am reading or watching TV, my eyes do not get tired and do not hurt any more.
I would like to thank the inventor of this wonderful device because through this I am able to see again!
Laser Vision is a miracle of this century!

I. V. Ljashenko, city of Odessa, Ukraine

Dear workers of the Consultative & Commercial Centre INVET!
I want to tell you about the results I've got with Laser Vision glasses. From the first day, when I began to wear them, my eyesight began to improve, and I no longer wore my old glasses. After eight months I stopped putting the Laser Vision glasses on, and for two months, I wore no glasses at all. At once, my eyesight started to get worse, and I realised how much the Laser Vision glasses had helped me. I'm very grateful to the creator of these glasses. May God bless your Center, give you and your family members health, happiness and welfare and success in your work.
Yours faithfully,

Barbara I. Shinkarenko, Kirovogradskaya region, Ukraine

INVET Services

I recommend INVET for 3 reasons:
1.  Consideration:  when my unit was being repaired by INVET, Sergey at INVET sent me a replacement unit until my unit was repaired;
2.  Service:  over the years, all my questions have been answered with patience and completeness to my satisfaction;
3.  Integrity:  so glad to work with the people at INVET where i could feel the truth present when receiving any type of communication.

Rajkumar Bhatt, USA

In all my years on the 'net I have never received such a solicitous email! Thank you for your concern.

Roy Cornock, UK

It's comforting to do business with such an organization as yours that stands behind it's products and is committed to customer service.
Your company offers great value and support, so our experience has truly been fruitful and mutually beneficial and will surely extend and expand into the future.

Leonardo Farias, Venezuela

Thank you for the very prompt shipping and the care with which you packaged the BLANKETS.

Sally Berman, USA

Thanks, it sounds very interesting. I really enjoy all your business has to offer.


Warm regards,
Lyn Hamilton, New Zealand

Everything arrived in good order. I am also real excited about the update info on the CD.

Tom Armstrong, USA

I received the parcel and the Scenar is working very well , I am very content with it and by the time I will order a second one. Meanwhile I ordered a second one together with some Laser Vision glasses.
All together I can say that our business connection is a very good one.

Horst Moser, Germany

I received the package and the new devices and I want to thank you for everything.

Doina Marina, USA

Thank you very much, I have received the parcel just two hours ago. It took some time but I got it !!!!
One more time I really want to tell you how good is the machine and also the way you and the company does the business. I hope to buy a few more things in the future

Carlos Jovel, Australia

Dear Mr. Solomko,
Thank you very much for your letters and your caring and serious interest you are showing for your clients!! I have to congratulate you for your impeccable marketing management!! In the future I will definitely buy some of the products that your company is trading! That in good time and when my financial situation will be in a better status! Thank you very much for the valuable information!!

Yours friendly
Paris constantinou N.D, Cyprus



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