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Devices for Professional Use
  ENART 911
  ENART 911  

The only biofeedback device in the world which allows the housewife's to treat as professionals, and the professionals - to raise a new altitude in medicine.

Great advantage of the ENART 911 is that it can read out biofeedback responses from the body and display them in digital form on LCD screen - not only when the device is kept stationary on the body, but also while it is drawn over the skin surface, so you can find the pathological area quickly and accurately!

This feature brings the opportunity to gain unique healing results, both in time and in efficacy.
ENART 911 features wide range of functions; this range runs from a simple to use (automatic) setting to a more complex (adjustable), so you may choose the most suitable depending on your qualifications, situation or condition that you treat.
Such important features make it possible to effectively and successfully use this high-end device both by novice and experienced ENART, Scenar and Prologue users and doctors.

- ENART 911 is set to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude;
- 6 (in level L1) or 17 (in level L2) stimulation modes;
- Adjustable settings of modes of treatment that are effective for managing a wide range of health problems;
- Sensitivity adjustment of the device accordingly to each particular case;
- Saving programs of influence created by user.
The device can be connected to all additional remote electrodes.

143 x 63/43 x 30/24 mm.
Weight: 175 grams

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  ENART 801-V5
  ENART 801-V5  
Has four basic stimulation modes.

Furnished with:
 - LCD display – displays stimulation modes, settings and measurement results;
 - Backlight – allows treatment at poor illumination;
 - Low battery indication – automatically switches the device off when batteries are too low;
 - Stopwatch – counts the time of treatment at each particular skin contact;
 - Timer – adjustable time of treatment: Max 5.0 min, Min 0.5 min with; it has the OFF option available.
 - Metal casing – makes the device robust and more reliable;
 - Leather holster – stores and carries the device.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 198x55x45.
Weight, in grams - 360.
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  Scenar Professional Ritm
  Scenar Professional RITM   It has a digital display to measure and indicate analysis and results of treatment. Main operation modes:
- Continuous (duration of treatment on each skin area and of session as a whole is decided by user);
- Individually dosed (duration of treatment is regulated by the device automatically).

There are sub-modes of frequency and amplitude modulation provided as well as five sub-modes altering the shape of the treatment pulses (damping). A whole series of new performance capabilities have been implemented with ScenarProf devices.

They are:
- Pictorial representation of the body's response parameters in the form of histograms;
- Graphic display of screening examination results with mnemonic fixation of displays relevant to the area under examination;
- Built-in nonvolatile memory that provides a record of up to five versions of device tuning and easy setting of any of them, without following standard preparation for work procedure;
- Backlighting feature provides convenient reading of information.

A new design of battery compartment has been implemented. It provides use of a more powerful energy source, namely three AA type cells.

They can be connected to additional remote electrodes, excepting the roller type electrode. Stop-watch also included with independent control.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 185x62x32.
Weight, in grams - not more than - 400.
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- Automatic regulation of the output pulse according to electromagnetic feedback from patient;
- Fixed or variable frequency;
- Continuous or interval treatment;
- Constant and variable amplitude of the rectangular and oscillatory waves;
- Changeable ratio of rectangular and variable waves;
- Wide range of frequencies;
- Built-in timer;
- It features a metallic casing.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 198x55x45.
Weight, in grams - 360.

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Devices for Home Use
  ENART 907
  ENART 907  

Enart 907 is an advanced device for personal (family) use.

While satisfying a major requirement of a personal device, ie. its user friendliness, ENART 907 is also designed with the basic features of a professional instrument including automatic diagnostics and manually selected modes of treatment that are effective for managing a wide range of health problems.

The device will automatically evaluate each skin contact and instantly identify what to do next: either remain at a point for treatment or move to another point of skin contact. The healing process will become sheer pleasure as the device readily indicates a straight answer of where and how long to treat each and every skin contact.

By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively treat the whole range of diseases/injuries with only one device.

Size: 143x63/43x30/24 mm
Weight: 130 grams

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  Scenar Let Medical PS701
  Scenar Let Medical PS701  

Compact rectangular instruments, designed for permanent carrying in the pocket.
The devices are furnished with dual electrode system that allows convenient treatment of any part of the body.

- Individual-specific dosing according to biofeedback from the body;
- Continuous stimulation.

Frequency of the output pulse: 125Hz (Double pulse).

Overall dimensions, in mm: 88x46x18.
Weight, in grams - 75.

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  Accessories for Scenar, Prologue, ENART
  Accessories for Scenar, Prologue, ENART biofeedback devices  
Accessories for Scenar, Prologue and ENART biofeedback devices
or additional remote electrodes offered by CCC INVET can be connected to any of the ENART devices as well as to those of some other manufacturers.

Additional electrodes allow to use the device more effectively, treating those areas on a body which are difficult to access, as well as reduce the mechanical load on the device, which is very critical for the models with LCD, thus prolonging the device’s durability.

Remote electrodes (attachments) that can be used with most of the ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices available in the market today.

Electrodes, offered by CCC INVET, are made of special steel, which provides safety application. Important feature – no electrolysis penetration into skin.

Remote electrodes considerably enhance the capabilities of your Device, improve its therapeutic effect, and assist with treating the body parts difficult to access with the Device.
  Cosmetic electrode EC-1 (small)
  Face Attachment (Cosmetic-electrode-EC-1) for Scenar, Enart  

Accessory for cosmetic and therapeutic treatment sessions.
Ideal for facial treatment.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 58x35x19


  Cosmetic electrode EC-2 (large)
  Face Attachment (Cosmetic-electrode-EC-2) for Scenar, Enart  

Accessory for cosmetic and therapeutic treatment sessions.
Ideal for treatment on abdomen, buttocks and other parts of the body.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 98x47/31x23/21.


  Cosmetic electrode EC-3 (extra-large)
  Probe (Cosmetic-electrode EC-3)  

Accessory for cosmetic and therapeutic treatment sessions.
May as well be used for general treatment as an adequate substitute for the device’s built-in electrode.
Ideal for treatment on abdomen, buttocks and other parts of the body.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 143 x 63/43 x 30/24.


  Hair electrode EH-1 (small)
  Scalp Probe (Hair electrode EH-1)  
Special attachment to use on hairy parts of the body and on animals, without removing hair (fur) - ideal for use
on children and small animals.

Overall dimensions, mm: 58x35x19.
  Hair electrode EH-2 (large)
  Scalp Attachment (Hair electrode EH-2)  
Special attachment to use on hairy parts of the body and on animals, without removing hair (fur) - ideal for use
on adults and large animals.

Overall dimensions, mm: 98x47/31x23/21.
  General Purpose Electrode EGP-3
  Attachment (General Purpose Electrode EGP-3)  

General Purpose Electrode EGP-3 (extra-large)
Accessory for therapeutic treatment sessions.
It is made in the form of three parallel bars flat on the under side of the device and on its front end. The front end of the electrode is convenient for treating small or hard-to-reach areas, while its underside surface is mainly used when treating large areas.
When self-treatment, the additional electrode EGP-3 allows to lie or to sit on it (or to apply it to any part of a body) and to work with the device with vacant hands.

Overall dimensions, in mm: 143 x 63/43 x 30/24.

  Acupuncture electrode EA-2 (duplex - small and large)
  Acupuncture electrode EA-2  

The attachment to use on acupuncture points and auricular areas - developed for acupuncturists and auriculotherapists.
A multipurpose acupuncture attachment, with double (4mm and 14 mm) work surfaces, to access any points of the body.
An acupuncture electrode (probe) is used on the same acupuncture points and for the same conditions as acupuncture needle is applied. So to use the probe properly, a practitioner is required to know where the acupuncture points are located throughout the body, on which organs and systems of the body and how they influence.

This pertains to the meridian system as well.

Overall dimensions, mm: 140x14/4.

  Acupuncture electrode EA-3 (large)
  Acupuncture electrode EA-3  

Acupuncture electrode EA-3 with one (14 mm) work surface.
The attachment for use on face, palms, feet.

Overall dimensions, mm: 118 x 15.


  Rectal-vaginal electrode ERV-1
  Rectal-vaginal attachment (Electrode-ERV-1)  
Special attachment to treat areas, such as anus and vagina, difficult to access with the built-in electrodes.
This kind of electrode
is water-proof, has a detachable head, which can be unscrewed, as well as the electrical cord, which can be disconnected from the electrode. This allows its sterilization in boiling water or cleansing with a piece of gauze saturated by alcohol.

Overall dimensions, mm: 165x14.

  Roller electrode ER-1
  Roller (massage) attachment (Roller electrode ER-1)  

Specially designed attachment for the use on one`s back and for self-treatment. Its design (long handle and metallic rollers) makes it handy and indispensable for the back application and for self-treatment (this electrode can be connected only to Prologue and Enart devices).
This electrode is
indispensable for self-application on the back as well as to treat large areas of the skin: legs, buttocks, abdomen, etc.
Pay attention: the head of the roller electrode can be turned 90 degrees, i.e. you may set it both in parallel and perpendicular to the handle. You can simultaneously use the connected roller electrode on your body and read the measurements on the display of your device.

Overall dimensions, mm: 300x60x60.


  Schungite (shungite) electrodes

Schungite (shungite) is a unique natural mineral, environmentally pure, which cointains over 20 microelements useful for human body, including silicium and globular active carbon, which has sorbtion, catalytic and bactericidal properties, it has anti-inflammatory, pain-killing action and relieves skin and joint illnesses.


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Laser Vision Glasses
  Laser Vision glasses
  Laser Vision glasses Ц pinhole glasses   Exceptional therapeutic effect of Laser Vision glasses has been proven by various clinical tests conducted in the leading medical institutions of many countries. Most patients reported no further deterioration of their vision, many experienced a considerable improvement.Laser Vision glasses are recommended for myopia (shortsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), astigmatism, strabismus (squint), retinal degeneration, neurotic reactions, photophobia, eyestrain, tired eyes, disturbance of the chromatic sensitivity and image visibility. They slow down cataract and glaucoma (in the early stages) and control the eyeball's movements while the retinas exfoliate.Every family needs Laser Vision, even if no one wears regular glasses or contact lenses. Because Laser Vision train eye muscles, they will help you keep your vision good.
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Healing Blanket
  Healing Blanket (Medical Blanket)
  Healing Blanket (OLM)   The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (TMB) offers complete protection of the body against external electromagnetic fields and breaks up processes of pathogenic change to allow the body to activate its own compensatory mechanisms which facilitate tissue metabolism, neuroreflexive and neurohumoral regulation and functioning of the higher control centers in the brain.
Inside the Blanket there are special thin metallized layers that serve as a "screen" protecting the body from deleterious effects of external electromagnetic radiation.
Additionally, working as a "mirror", this screen saves and returns to the body its own heat and energy, redistributing it in a way that modifies the internal energy balance and helps the body to optimize and harmonize its work.
Today the Medical Blanket is successfully being used for a wide range of conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, bronchial asthma, hypertension, hypotension, multiple sclerosis, ischemic stroke, parkinsonism, epilepsy, acute and chronic gastritis, arthritis, arthrosis, and many other disorders. It is also useful for muscle inflammation, fracture, contusion and trauma.
The TMB improves patient`s feeling of well-being, stabilizes sleep, releases muscular and emotional tension (constant tiredness and stress) and also helps improve the body`s own ability to work efficiently.

We now offer the following sizes of blankets:
- A small-size blanket (160cm x 105cm) to use on children
- A large-size blanket (215cm x 160cm) to use on adults
- A super-sized blanket (210cm x 200cm) to use on tall people
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