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Scope of Usage
      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

Scenar Professional can be used by professionals in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, as well as in the home by practitioners.

A whole series of new performance capabilities have been implemented with Scenar Professional devices. They are:
- Pictorial representation of the body’s response parameters in the form of histograms;
- KEY-IN (input) function. This function provides input of 5 sets of individual-specific treatment parameters for your daily practice.
- HIGHE + or HIGHE – function.  This function allows switching ON high energy (HIGHE +) or low energy (HIGHE –) of the output pulse using buttons + or – accordingly. Use HIGHE – on sensitive areas of the body, on children and to save batteries.
- LIGHT + (backlight is ON) or LIGHT– (backlight is OFF) function. This function turns on backlight for 5 seconds after any button is pressed and allows work in poor illumination, but with more power consumption.
- MELODY+ or MELODY– (MELODY ON/OFF) function. This function turns ON a melody each time you switch on the device.
- ALG (algorithm) function. This function alters algorithms of dosed stimulation. Scenar Professional device features two algorithms:
- I – Integral algorithm;
- D – Differential algorithm. 

Scenar Professional pulse parameters are set automatically via a biological feedback action, which provides an individual-specific dose for each patient. 




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