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      Scenar, Prologue, Enart Ц for practitioners and for home use

device includes functional capabilities covering the whole range of existing
biofeedback devices of this type (with LCD) but, in combination with ENART’s technological know-how, makes these devices dramatically different from other devices which exist in the market.


ENART 911 offers the best of all biofeedback technologies, besides it has a range of its own unique functions.

Furthermore device 911 is a device that disposes its user to creativity and continuous diagnostic/treatment variability based on the individual pathology of the patient.

Advantages of the device 911 are as follows:

- The device is furnished with the function of the First-Phase Pulse Amplitude adjustment (in a range 25-70V with step 10V) and has the possibility to vary a whole range of other parameters of influence.
Today in all existing devices with the biofeedback the first-phase rectangular pulse amplitude remains unchanged, while the second-phase oscillating pulse amplitude varies in accordance with the body’s response to the influence of the device.
Many practitioners who use several different models of ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices have noticed that each particular model is most effective for different specific conditions.
For instance, some devices are more efficient in treating musculoskeletal disorders while others are best used for internal organs; still others are more effective for treating diseases of the nervous system, etc.
The latest studies have shown that these specific healing effects are more dependent on the level of the first-phase pulse amplitude.
Each particular device model features its own specific level of the first-phase pulse amplitude, which ranges in value from 10V for some early models to 70V in some of the latest models.
Until now this level has always been a strictly specific factory setting that could not be adjusted by the practitioner.
NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, with the ENART 911 device (levels L1 and L2), the practitioner can adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude within the range of 25V to 70V.

- LCD indication, which allows viewing changes of the output pulse parameters during treatment sessions as well as tracking reaction of the body and its change in real time;

- Choice between HIGH and LOW levels of treatment energy;

- Indication of the time of each skin contact and general time of session;

- Possibility to create and store new modes (20 storage cells);

- device 911 features two kinds of menu: Mode’s Parameters Setup Menu; Service Menu;

- The device has ECONOM function - the possibility to decrease the power consumption and to increase the service life period of power batteries;

– SENSITIVITY function (SENS), which allows the user to adjust sensitivity of the device in accordance with such factors as condition of the skin surface (individual peculiarities, moistness, sensitiveness), psycho-emotional condition of the patient, environmental conditions, etc.

- Continuous multifunctional Stimulation mode MCONST - for the treatment of open wounds and other injuries of skin; for working with electrodes of the device and with remote electrodes in the skin areas where it is difficult to establish a sufficient contact with skin (for example, thick hair).

The unprecedented functional capabilities:

- accurate location of the site to be treated with the help of the ingenious audible indication system, which enables
   even the novice User without medical education to use the device;

- Infra-low frequencies mode IF to reinforce therapeutic effect, eliciting resonance in malfunctioned organs. I.e., with help of infra-low frequencies it “shows” the organ its normal working frequency, “adjusts” it.

ENART 911 can read out biofeedback responses from the body and display them in digital form on LCD screen - not only when the device is kept stationary on the body, but also while it is drawn over the skin surface.

The capability to create and save new modes of treatment as well as view changes of output parameters on the display allow the practitioner to continuously analyze effectiveness of treatment at different values of output pulse parameters.

It allows the user to show creativity and choose any variant and not use the only possible default option set by the manufacturer, which makes the range of capabilities of the device endlessly wide.


This digital Device is adaptable to both professional and individual/family use.

Device 911 level 1 has 6 modes with the possibility of adjustment of the output pulse parameters including the parameter of the First-Phase Pulse Amplitude.

DIAG 1 – Diagnostic / Individually dosed mode;
CONST – General Purpose Continuous Stimulation Mode; 
ΔCONST - Specific Purpose Continuous Stimulation Mode for speeded analysis and treatment of the studied area;
MCONST - Continuous multifunctional Stimulation mode - for the treatment of open wounds and other injuries of skin;
INTVL - Interval Stimulation Mode (discontinuous stimulation);
FMVAR - Variable Stimulation Mode with High Variation Dynamics of pulse frequency.

Device 911 can be set at two levels – level 1 and level 2.

Device 911 level 2 has 18 modes with the possibility of adjustment of parameters of the output pulse.

The Device ENART 911-L1 in any time can be upgraded to the level of ENART 911-L2 device with a much wider range of key features that considerably enhance its therapeutic capabilities. The upgrading of the Device can be done by the User themselves and there is no need to send the Device back. Users get all the information for such upgrade by e-mail.

ENART 911 L1 and L2 Stimulasion Modes - table є1.

ENART 911 L1 and L2 Technical Data - table є2.

User has the chance to choose the most convenient design for themselves among the casings modifications offered: Basic and Middle.

In the Basic casing a built-in electrode can be of two types: type A or type E.

The Middle casing is furnished with the electrode of type A.

More information on the types of built-in electrodes, please, see on the page ENART 900-series devices.

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Enart 911 - a device for Professional Use 





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